Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Sea Day

What a lovely night’s sleep but we are awake at 6:40.  We decide to shower and head to the dining room for breakfast.  It is being served in Da Vinci starting from 7 am.

We are sat at a table for two and we order freshly squeezed orange juice.  Oh my this is so good.  So we order another.

I get a half grapefruit and the eggs benedict.  While waiting for the food the pastry guy comes by and offers us Danishes 
and I respond oh no I am sweet enough as it is.  He then smiles and says “croissant then” oh that just cracked me up.

Food was excellent and within a half hour we are out of the dining room and take a seat in Vines and do some reading and enjoy another coffee while the rest of the ship comes alive.

Oh I should add that we got our disembarkation information last night.  We are going to have clear US Customs before getting off the ship tomorrow.  They have everyone having to go to Vista Lounge at their designated time to clear customs and then they can get off.

Normally when we have done this itinerary we clear US Customs at Canada Place before getting on the ship and so we don’t have clear it when we arrive in the US.  But we didn’t do this cause we had a port stop in Victoria before arriving in the US.  Also we are at the other pier – the old pier.  There is another ship in the new berth so we are bumped.  Facilities at the old one are horrible so it makes sense that customs is coming on board.

The disembarkation times have been assigned by cabin numbers and they are all walk off except for some who had to go to the Purser’s desk before 2 pm yesterday to say they had luggage. 

Okay back to our day.  The outlet sale is happening and we want to check it out to get some items for our nephews we are seeing.  Bernie stops in and picks up some tshirts for the boys.  I am sitting in the Atrium reading and chatting with people who sit beside us.

We meet a nice man from Mountain House (where we are going when we get off) and he is very helpful with tips.  Then a couple sits beside us and then we get talking about drinks they are trying and what I am drinking.  She overhears us talking about my facebook page – Cruising Princess Cruise Line with Vickie and she tells me she works for facebook in their FB Page area.  When I tell her more about how much I love my page and what I can do she promises to it out.

Lots is happening around the ship but we are quite happy just relaxing and reading.  But as we are there they do the fruit/vegetable carving in the Atrium.  Then there is the 60 second frenzy.  Vista is doing line dancing by Melissa.  Of course there is Zumba earlier.  The MUTS is featuring Now You See Me. 

We decide for lunch to try out the pub lunch in the Crown Grill.  When we arrive we are sat and we see Alan and we both are like “where do we know you from”.  Then he says his last contract was the Royal and oh yeah Vines!  He worked there with Ryan.  We promise to visit Wheelhouse tonight to have a drink and catch up with him.

We both order the fish and chips with a coke.  The chips are good but the fish was really bad.  It had obviously been fried and sat there cause the outside is NOT crispy at all, in fact it is a soggy mess.  I just take out the fish and eat that.

After our meal I tell Bernie I am going to head up to the Horizon Court and grab some salad and really enjoy the layout of items for a nice salad.  I sit and enjoy it before heading back to the cabin where we watch a bit of a movie.  But we are both struggling to stay awake.  So we set the alarm for 3:15 cause we are off to see Dolores and Laura for afternoon tea in their cabin.

We arrive and the huge spread of food is there.  Sheila and Greggory are there too and we spend the next few hours laughing our heads off.

We don’t get back to our cabin till after six.  I am catching up on my blog posts.  Bernie is reading.  We are trying to decide what to do tonight.  I think we are heading to the dining room.

The day has been jam packed with activities and lots going on tonight too.

Here are some of the things that were scheduled for this afternoon:  slot tournament, ballroom dance class, 10 pin bowling, adult golf putting, afternoon movie in the Princess Theater is Far from the Maddening Crowd, Paper Plane Challenge, Art Auction, Origami, Veterans Get Together, and bingo.

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