Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday September 13, Victoria

I awake to the sound from the hallway with the announcement that we have docked in Victoria and we are clear for those to go ashore.  The time is 7 am.

Argh… roll over Vickie go back to sleep you are on vacation!

But after about a half hour I decide or more to the point Bernie decides to get up and head down to get coffees. 

Kind of nice cause we returned our entire mini bar for two coffee cards that we will use on a future cruise.  The All Inclusive Drink Package includes coffees/teas and bottled water.  And after all that drinking Bernie brings back a large bottle of water too.  Smart man!  I knew there was a reason I married him.

On goes the tv and we watch Mike (cruise director) and his deputy Paul on the Wake Show.  I love that even on these short cruises they do everything they normally would do on a longer cruise.  Including the wake show.

I write up my blog post for yesterday and post them.  Internet is very good and we have no issue connecting and posting.  I do notice a few changes on the Princess @ Sea and it is getting better, with better flow and more information.

Bernie wants to get some cereal cause we are not planning on heading out for breakfast till later.  Also he can get the freshly squeeze orange juice with the drink package and he gets two! He tells me later he loved it.

My foot is good, not great, but definitely good.  Swelling seems to have gone down but the colors are coming out.  I am so grateful it is not worse.  But I will be wearing flip flops ashore today.

So we have to head the Purser’s desk to give them the letter for our free dinner at the Crown Grill so they can credit our account.  Leilei Cao from China takes care of us.  It seems he is new to Princess but his professionalism shines thru.  Even though he is not entirely sure what to do he quickly ask someone for verification.  I love that he dealt with it without passing it on to someone else.  Right away the cover charge for the Crown Grill is credited to our account and he guarantees us he will pass the letter to the Crown Grill Manager. 

Here are some pics from right at the pier in Victoria that others may find helpful.

We head ashore at 10 am to meet up with our friends Kim and Norma who live here.  We met them a few years ago thru our friends Monika and Rick.  They were then on the Coastal Cruise we did in May, and now we are excited cause they are joining us on the Island for the Med too.

The best thing is Norma is bringing me a tensor bandage for my foot. 

We are heading out for Brunch, they are taking us to Kitty’s and it doesn’t disappoint.  Food is plentiful, fresh, and tasty.  It is the kind of place that is that gem that you go back to time and time again.  Where the servers know your name – gee sounds like a commercial for Cheers.  But we really did enjoy it and we couldn’t finish our plates.  Great conversation with Norma and Kim about everything!  And of course we are all so excited cause the next time we see them we will be in Rome.  Thanks again you two for today.

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