Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Last Night

After showering I meet up with Bernie in Wheelhouse bar and sat at the bar so we could catch up with Allain Mendoza.  We first met Alain on the Royal last January in Vines.

Bernie gets a Cosmo and I get my Bramble.  Oh that Cosmo is good Bernie adds.

We are later than normal and as we head to deck six for dinner we run into Mitre d' Silva in the stairway he asks about our trip and of course it was great.  He directs us to the dining room on deck five cause it is much quieter and we are given a table for two.

The table is right in front a station, basically the dirty dishes are our view!  Our waiters seem off, food comes out before drinks, no pepper is offered, and our pasta appetizer is not offered parmesan either.  These short three days just don't cut it when it comes to dining room service we find.  The food is good though and that glass of Ancient Peaks is very good.

Tom Turkey meal

We decide to head down to Vista Lounge for the Liar's Club.  Bernie hands out chocolates or treats every time we go up to answer.  One time we hand out Pop Rocks and they each put them in their mouths as they answer the words' meaning.  I got it on video but will have to wait to get home to put it up. 

After the game we meet up with Paul and Melissa and head to Wheelhouse to get a drink and catch up with both of them.  We appreciate all they do and they work so hard.  Till we meet again.

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