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Recife February 26, 2014

Recife is called the Venice of Brazil as it made up of three islands with numerous bridges.It is hot when we dock and humid.
We are docked at a working pier and passengers are not allowed to walk from the ship to the port so they have free shuttles for everyone. 
The Seaborne Quest is also in port with us and it is beautiful.We ordered room service for breakfast this morning to take our time and not have to deal with service issues.  I tried to get pineapple juice by writing it in but they didn’t deliver it and got Cranberry juice instead.  We ordered tea, they brought water, sugar but no tea bags.  Ordered for 8 – 8:30 and got it right at 8 am, and the server was very helpful and friendly.
Today’s happenings on board are:  trivia, solo travellers get together, paddle tennis, champagne hoopla, Wii@sea bowling, Muts: Coldplay, Pacific Rim, James Taylor, The Tango Club Quintet, Arizona Party Band, Tri-Band Trivia, Hollywould you Gameshow, Spotlight Showtime featuring Amor Dance Magic.
We l…

February 25, 2014 At Sea

I am actually writing this as we are waiting for clearance to go ashore in Recife but thought I should update you on what we did yesterday.
Yesterday was a sea day and we took advantage of it by relaxing all day. 

Lunch was upstairs at the Trident Grill for burgers and fries (cold fries again L)  and right away we notice that things are different.  Someone is at the hand sanitizer making sure everyone uses it (although it does not prevent Noro virus only washing hands does).  Someone puts all your condiments on the burger.  They still will allow us to get our beverages though but other things are missing.  Not a single pencil is out in the library, books can’t riffled through in the library at any times anymore (set library hours for check out are in place), salt and pepper shakers are off the tables, utensils are being handed out along with a plate when you enter the Horizon Court.  The Coffee Bar no longer has the cream/milk dispensers for people to use.
Later in the afternoon the Cap…

Sea Days – Count them Four In A Row

Now I know some don’t care for them but like I mentioned a few days ago, WE LOVE THEM.And I could write on and on about everything we did day to day but really who wants to read slept, read, watched movie, ate, napped, had wine, read, chatted with friends etc etc…. repeat.And basically that is what we do on sea days.
But for some highlights of the past four days here goes.We had a lovely dinner with Sherre and Ken from Australia who we met on the roll call who are both avid travellers and loved getting to know them and learn from their experiences.  We look forward to travelling to their part of the world one day and seeing them there some time.  As well we welcome them to Vancouver and the hopes of showing them around our little part of the world.
One thing about cruising is the people you meet.  Sure there are some annoying ones but in the end the most part are lovely and lifelong friendships are made and those we treasure.
Dinner the other night was back in Da Vinci and we sat at a lo…

Ultimate Balcony Dinner – February 22, 2014

Our friends Barb and Craig and us have planned the UBD (Ultimate Balcony Dinner) for tonight at 6:30.We decide to do it on their balcony because it is larger and totally covered and even though it is windy if we set up the table in the corner by the door we are shielded from the wind.

We arrive in their cabin just around 6 pm and enjoy a pre dinner cocktail.  6:30 comes and the photographer arrives but the table has not been set up yet so we tell him to come back.  He comes back at 6:45 and still no one from room service has arrived yet.  We give them a call and they had thought it was set for 7:00 pm and they will be right down.  Anud (the Room Service Head Waiter) arrives and apologizes but we are okay and tell him no problem.
Anud’s assistant Marina from the Ukraine is very shy, this is her first contract and she is just learning and I will admit we did try to get her out of her shell but she is nervous.Anud and Marina set up the table outside and it is beautiful.A vase with three ro…

Relax Completely – February 22, 2014

Bernie gave me today’s blog title – Relax Completely – cause that is really what it was!I wish I could write how we did these amazing things, kept busy, and partied hardy but truly we relaxed from the moment we got up to the moment we went to bed.So this blog will be short.
I did wake up early, very early and then just laid in bed and slept intermittedly.  Around 8:30 I got up and showered and we headed down to the dining room for breakfast and enjoyed my first meal of pancakes!  Yum.
I forgot to mention that last night sometime between when we left the cabin to when we finished the show in the Princess Theater Bernie lost his fitbit (this is a little gizmo that tracks all your steps, calories burned, stairs climbed, how much you sleep and cost $100).  We both have one and we keep active by making sure we meet our daily goal.  Now normally we clip it onto our pocket and rarely does it come loose.  But tonight when Bernie left the show he put his hand in his pocket and realized he had lo…

Trinidad, February 21, 2014

We wake very early – 4:30 early!We step out on the balcony and look up at the stars and the moon it is breathtaking.We can see Trinidad in the distance.We dock at 7 am and it isn’t long before we hear people stirring.

I go on line and the first thing I read is the passing of our sister in law  Ronalda, she was married to Bernie’s brother and became ill last summer and succumbed to the illness yesterday.  We feel horrible for Charlie and her son Michael and feel so far away, as they live in Cape Breton.  So we took some time today to raise a glass to her.
We are docked and we can see that there is a steel drum band playing and women in Carnival costumes and I head off to capture some pictures and video that I will put up when we get home and I have free wifi.
Once I come back on board Bernie and I meet and we go for breakfast and we are sat with two couples both from Canada and we have a lovely breakfast and getting to know them better.
The Wake show is discussing the Crossing the Equator …

Barbados February 20, 2014

Arrival is set for 10 am and we sleep until 9 and the first thing Bernie says “did you feel that storm last night”.Really what storm.Now we have been encountering some crazy wind for the past few days at sea as well as in ports and last evening the ship was moving a bit, in fact I often had to brace myself in the shower.But I slept thru the entire storm, sadly Bernie did not, but it will bea restful day so I am sure we will get by okay.
We are not in any real rush so we get dressed and head up to Horizon Court and it is very busy at 9:30 am, but really I should not be surprised with docking at 10 am most people have slept in and grabbing a bite to eat before heading ashore. 
As I was checking out the fruit at the buffet a sous chef came beside me and grabbed this large grapefruit in one of the trays (they had a tray of apples, kiwis, and oranges and the grapefruit was in one of them) and I commented to him “wow that is a big grapefruit” he smiled and said “cause it is fake and made of …

February 19, 2014 Evening

We head over to Barb and Craig’s for sail away and to meet up with the Head Waiter for the Ultimate Balcony Dinner to go over our menu for the dinner as we are having it together in a few days.The Head Waiter Anud described what we will get and asked us what we wanted and how we wanted it.He saw that we were having champagne on the balcony right then and that one of us had a regular wine glass instead of a champagne glass and commented and quickly called and right away more champagne glasses arrive.And then a few minutes later a plate of chocolate covered strawberries and some canapés arrived.Wow that is so impressive and very much appreciated.Those little things are what keep us coming back to Princess.
We shower and get ready for dinner and tonight we will head to Da Vinci Dining room but when we arrive there is a bit of a queue (although it is just a bit of a wait to see the hostess) but we decided to head to Michelangelo dining room again and ask for a table for two.  We are sat ne…

Antigua February 19, 2014

We sleep until 8:30, boy I really like this cabin cause you don’t feel the thrusters at all when we are docking like we have experienced at the back of the ship often.
We have been here numerous times and today we have something special planned.  A Segway tour with Segway Antigua.  We easily find Lance at the main gate at the scheduled meeting time and he directs to the taxi driver who shuttles us to the office for Segway Antigua.  We meet up with Juliette and later Elizabeth.
There are 8 of us on this tour, the four of us and two other couples from Sandals Resort.  We all watch a 7 minute video on how to use our Segway and the safety periodical.  Their office has a spot you can leave any items you don’t with wish to transport with you.  We are led outside where we all get fitted with a helmet and elbow pads and then we are assigned our Segway.

Both Lance and Elizabeth take their time showing us how to get on, get off, go forward, sideways, stop and how to use appropriate hand signals. …