Wednesday, February 19, 2014

At Sea on our way to St. Thomas February 17, 2014

The clocks are set back an hour this morning so we are now four hours ahead of Vancouver time.  I am awake at 4:30 (which is really 3:30) and I can predict the future – I will need a nap this afternoon.  I dress quietly at around 6 am and head down to the International Café to get a late and a tea for Bernie.  I also pick up the egg sandwich and two custard donuts, one for me and one for Bernie cause I am sure when he sees mine he will want one too.

I spend the next few hours on the balcony sipping my latte and reading my book.  I finished the Nicholas Sparks book The Longest Ride last night and today I started Sycamore Row by John Grisham. 

Not sure what today will bring.  There is Zumba again today at 12:15 and I really want to attend because Mark is leading it but I hate that it is at 12:15.  I hate getting all sweaty and then having to shower again.  Much prefer the 10:15 time and I end up heading to the gym early and working out and getting over it over with.  The gym is busy, lots of people using the weights, lots on elliptical machines, treadmills and there is a spinning class going on too.  I love the new elliptical machines and work out for around a half hour and do some stretching.  Our goal is to do a formal workout each sea day, lets see how things work out.  But now that I have written it here I have to be accountable – RIGHT?

The morning is followed by getting coffees, reading, watching a bit of the fruit/vegetable carving and doing some Suduko (no Suduko challenge for prizes on board that I have seen, Vickie is sad as this is the only thing she is good at – she sucks at trivia).  We run into Anthony in Vines Bar as he is setting up the bar.  We look at each other and the same thing happens (I know you, he said, and we said it too unison) and yes from the Emerald last year, he worked up in the Platinum/Elite lounge.  We catch up with each other and comment how great it is to see each other again.

Bernie is wanting some sun so we change into our suits and head up to the sun deck.  Our favorite spot is just behind the Sanctuary.  There is quite a wind today and it is blowing things around so we plop down and I head out to get some lunch.  Burger is called for and it was good, fries were so so I think they just were not fresh.  But that is okay I don’t really want too many anyways. 

I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open (remember my prediction?). After an hour and a half I head back to the cabin to try and get a nap in and Bernie stays up in the sun.  And of course as soon as I crawl into the bed I toss and turn and get a bit of a nap in with intermittent reading.

They are offering the Crab Shack Dinner in a few nights so I call the dine line to try and make reservations and asked for 7:30 or 7:45 and she said all that is available is 8:15 or 8:30 so I said no thank you and was going to hang up when she stated they are doing it again on the 25th and I could now make a reservation.  Okay great idea and we make a reservation for two for 7:30 on the 25th.

For dinner Bernie and I decide to try the dining room again and we head to deck five and start with a pre-dinner cocktail and catch up with some friends.  The Michelangelo dining room seems like the place again and there is no wait to get in, in fact we haven’t had a wait other than the short wait to see the hostess to request a table.

Tonight we agree we don’t mind to sit with others but at a smaller table and we are sat at a table for six.  A lovely couple from Georgia and two friends one from Alberta and one from Britain.  We enjoyed hearing of their adventures in travels as the two women have been cruising since the early 70s. 

For dinner I had the satay beef which was so yummy in fact I could have a few of those for my entrée.  Loved the cold mango ginger soup which again I love but found it odd that there were small ice cubes in it to keep it chilled, normally those are not suppose to be served in the soup.  For my entrée I had the jerk chicken with beans and again was very good.  Sadly service was average to slow.  For the three nights we have been in the dining room we have had not the normal amazing service.  Seems the waiters are run off their feet, their assistant waiters are confused and not sure where or what to do.  There are constant apologies coming from them both.  And this seems to be at every meal so far.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining but if anything is lacking this voyage it is so far the dining room service.  Our friends ate in Da Vinci and they had better service so we are going to head up there next time to see.  I will say that I have found the head waiters to not be as noticeable too as I use to see them much more available and helpful to the servers.  I wonder if they have cut down on the head waiters and wait staff?  Hopefully things will settle as the cruise continues.

We leave dinner (which took two hours!) and we decide to head to see the comedian and after just a few minutes we walk out.  I won’t mention his name but really do you need to make jokes constantly from insulting people. 

The Explorer’s lounge is hosting the Yes No Game show and Dan the Deputy Cruise Director (Julia/Joe he was the DCD on the Royal when you were on) and oh my God was this funny.  We have seen this show before and Dan did a much better job at hosting it, along with Anna.

The purpose of this game is to answer questions that the host asks without answering with a Yes or No, which trust me can be difficult.  And it is hilarious to watch everyone try to control themselves.

Night everyone.

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