Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 25, 2014 At Sea

I am actually writing this as we are waiting for clearance to go ashore in Recife but thought I should update you on what we did yesterday.

Yesterday was a sea day and we took advantage of it by relaxing all day. 

Lunch was upstairs at the Trident Grill for burgers and fries (cold fries again L)  and right away we notice that things are different.  Someone is at the hand sanitizer making sure everyone uses it (although it does not prevent Noro virus only washing hands does).  Someone puts all your condiments on the burger.  They still will allow us to get our beverages though but other things are missing.  Not a single pencil is out in the library, books can’t riffled through in the library at any times anymore (set library hours for check out are in place), salt and pepper shakers are off the tables, utensils are being handed out along with a plate when you enter the Horizon Court.  The Coffee Bar no longer has the cream/milk dispensers for people to use.

Later in the afternoon the Captain comes on in the cabin to announce we are under high alert and advises everyone we need to be sure to wash our hands before and after eating, try to use our washrooms in our cabins, wash hands after smoking, bushing our teeth, and using the washroom.  As we go down the hallways we see that sanitation crews are busy busy cleaning and sanitizing the ship. 

This is a busy time for the crew as their work load has just doubled. 

We stop by the Crown Grill to see Marian who we sailed with on the Star and while we catch up we decide to make reservations for tomorrow. 

It is 7:45 and we head to Da Vinci but the line up is very long but moving but we feel like having a drink first so we head to Vines and order a bottle and some sushi before heading back to Da Vinci at around 8:20.  We ask for a table of two or will share with another two.  We are sat back in Gil’s section but oh my he has just been slammed and with having to do twice as much work he is busy. 

They get our wine from the other night and we sit and sit and sit, it took 20 minutes for our orders to get taken.  Oh no…. we really want to see the show tonight so we do warn him. 

I start out with the fried sushi (but it is cold and miss the originally version of this when it was served hot from the fryer), I get the garlic soup and it was very good, and for my entrĂ©e the tandoori prawns again very good.  The servers have to personally serve the bread, butter, salt and pepper.  They have to pour the milk/cream.  We opt to pass on dessert so we can get to the show.

On the way to the show a lovely couple from Australia comes up to me and introduces themselves and says they follow my Youtube channel and love my videos.  That is so nice and appreciated.

We head to the Princess Theater to watch the Blame it on the Boogie show.  We sit up front and we are dazzled by the amazing performers.  This show just can’t let you sit still in your seat.  I have to move!  We recognize a few dancers/singers and we cheer their hard work. 

We are back in the cabin around 11 pm and crash for the night.

Comments about the past few days:

Entertainment staff are phenomenal and they are working so hard especially when we are at sea for so long.

Wine card is great, we love it.  They did credit us the $45 for the wine we bought the other day for $49 so we paid the $4 difference.  So far the billing has been perfect, no errors at all which seems to be fleet wide.  Use to be we encountered numerous errors but no longer.

Love all the different nationalities on board and all the languages.  Princess is showing the wake show in Spanish also and there is a dedicated channel for Spanish movies/shows.

Bernie is all excited cause finally he gets to watch the Notebook again today! 

I would have to say every department is exceeding expectations except the dining room service (although food is good).  We are going to see about getting a set table every night even though we don’t really want to we feel that may be the only way to rectify the situation.  We have also heard that the Traditional is experiencing the same issues.

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