Sunday, February 16, 2014

Flying out February 13

I am cautious cause so many people encountered issues with their flights getting to Fort Lauderdale that I don’t want to say it but…. Ours could not have been better.  It started out looking a little worrisome but the airlines came thru.

We flew out early and we landed in Houston early.  A short turn around gave us just enough time to get a coffee and use the washroom and get on the next flight. 

This flight was oversold and they were offering deals to move over to a later flight but we had no interest in that this time, maybe for flights home but not to get there.  Once again our flight touched down in Fort Lauderdale a few minutes early and we breathed a huge sigh of relief.

I should say now that we succumbed to having to bring another roller carry on bag.  Our initial goal was three suitcases and one roller carry on with our two knapsacks and my camera bag.  This would have been manageable but while packing and trying to get everything in the bags we knew we need just a bit more space.  So we succumbed and pulled out the small roller bag and threw my camera bag in and the lap top and it gave us just enough extra room that we required but managing all these bags is tough and we did encounter some amazing feats moving those bags to the car rental agency.  Hmmm maybe Princess should hire us as an entertainment act.

We prebooked a rental car thru Priceline with Alamo.  We got a car for $20 a day and then we upgraded it to full size for $7 more per day.  We drove away and that feeling you have when you know you are here, you are in warmth, the adventure begins.  Oh darn wish this GPS would pick up a signal!!!   But we do know the area and we know we are heading in the right direction, then woooo TRAFFIC. 

I don’t ever recall Fort Lauderdale with so much traffic.  It is bumper to bumper along Federal Way.  I know this is Thursday around 7 pm and it is a long weekend, and there are a lot of ships in this weekend and tomorrow is Valentines day, okay have I come up with enough excuses as to why there is so much traffic! 

Our hotel is North of the City near the Executive Airport, not that we could of flown into it but we were near it, does that count.  The hotel was relatively easy to find.  Again we had booked this hotel via Priceline for $90 a night.  We have stayed at numerous Sheratons before and like that they have a suite like atmosphere (in room size only) and we would need the extra space this time to manage the bags.

Check in was easy, oh and I should say parking is free and it is patrolled and well lit.  We waste no time grabbing a luggage cart this time.  Best to save our talents in case Princess needs us to perform. 

Our initial room was on the fifth floor and we right away noticed that they are renovating all the rooms on two, three and four and with being just above four and them working there we asked to be moved to a higher floor.  With no issues they gave us a large room on the seventh floor. 
The room was very large with a sitting area and a separate bedroom.  The bed was extremely comfortable and we crashed for the night we were exhausted, we even skipped dinner. 

Comments about the hotel:  we like the hotel, the location is further away and you will need a hotel but there are a few restaurants nearby.  We loved that the parking was free, the room was huge, there were two tvs, staff was very friendly.  Downsides:  toiletries, yup hard to get them.  Gave us only one small bar of soap, had to ask for another one the next day.  Only two towels had to ask for extra.  Room was nice but it is an older hotel and it is due for renovation.  Signs of water damage and bangs in the walls are apparent.  But in the end I would stay here again, especially for that price when the hotels near the pier are going for twice this or more because of the numerous ships in port.

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