Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sea Days – Count them Four In A Row

Jasmin from the Elite Lounge 

Now I know some don’t care for them but like I mentioned a few days ago, WE LOVE THEM.    And I could write on and on about everything we did day to day but really who wants to read slept, read, watched movie, ate, napped, had wine, read, chatted with friends etc etc…. repeat.  And basically that is what we do on sea days.

But for some highlights of the past four days here goes.
We had a lovely dinner with Sherre and Ken from Australia who we met on the roll call who are both avid travellers and loved getting to know them and learn from their experiences.  We look forward to travelling to their part of the world one day and seeing them there some time.  As well we welcome them to Vancouver and the hopes of showing them around our little part of the world.

One thing about cruising is the people you meet.  Sure there are some annoying ones but in the end the most part are lovely and lifelong friendships are made and those we treasure.

Dinner the other night was back in Da Vinci and we sat at a lovely table and the service was very very good.  Stephen the Head Waiter came and gave us a great wine recommendation and we used our wine card again. (Make sure to check your statement as this wine was $49 and we were charged the full amount but after talking with the Bar Manager we were informed that at the end of the night they have to go and correct it.  We will check it again and I am sure it will be okay, but make sure you check your bill periodically.) 

We also spoke to Stephen about the experience in Michelangelo and how concerned we were about the service there.  It is hard to complain but I wanted him to know that this is not a normal experience on any Princess ship.  But we have now vowed to stay completely away from the Michelangelo dining room for dinner.

Weather for the four days has not been cooperating.  It has been very windy with showers, or overcast.  We had some sun yesterday, and Bernie was out sun tanning, but it was windy and then a down pour, then sun again.  Today is the last of four sea days and it is over cast but bright.  Of course the weather doesn’t bother me at all at home and especially on vacation.  Sometimes our plans have to change but maybe that is what was meant to be. 

Yesterday we crossed the Equator and the Ceremony was held at 1:00 pm at Neptune’s pool.  The four pollywogs were chosen in a draw and represented all the pollywogs on board.  Since we both are shellbacks we could not enter again.  And last time I was one of the pollywogs that was chosen and put in the ceremony.  I tried to go up and watch the ceremony but it was busy and I don’t need to squeeze in to watch and would rather let others watch the ceremony.  But Bernie did watch it and he really enjoyed it and thought it was well done.

The Café Caribe had an Indian themed buffet and it was very good, quite mild but that is to be expected.  I love these themed meals.  Keep them coming Princess.  Oh I should add that even though the Café Caribe had a themed meal, Horizon Court hosted a regular menu.

The Butler is showing in the Princess Theater, and there have been other movies too but just can’t recall them off hand right now.

One great thing about these long voyages is the variety of day time activities and numerous unhosted gatherings for various groups.  They did have a bloggers get together for 1:30 but when I went up no one was there.  Hope they do this again.

Lots of great evening activities too.  Yesterday was a new show called The World Music Project.  Sadly we couldn’t attend because of prior commitments but hope they show it again so we can catch it later.

Zumba is still going on but the time is still around lunchtime and I did attend it one day but find the time too inconvenient and instead visit the gym more often than Zumba.  But love it and love Mark who hosts it. 

We dined in Sabattinis last night and it was amazing.  Service was top notch and the food, oh my God the food!  I started with the soft shelled Crab, then the chef had a lovely pasta dish but when it came out it had clams in it so I declined, only to be served a few minutes later a dish of pasta free of clams.  That is why we love Princess it is like dining in your friend’s home.  For my entrée I had the lobster three ways and it was very good, but I really just want the Risotto.  It was all good, very good…. And the time flies.  We dined with our friend Claudio and it was lovely to catch up with him and it is like dining with family. 

I want to shout out to the amazing bar that is along side Sabattinis – Adagios – if you get a chance go up there for a drink.  The ambiance is wonderful and it is quiet.  You don’t have to be dining in Sabattinis to enjoy it just head up there for a pre dinner drink.

We love the laundry service we get with our Elite benefit but boy do they do a number on your clothes so if you have something special you don’t want to risk make sure to wash by hand.  I have a white blouse and when it came back it was a little yellow around the neck.  Not sure why but we brought our own laundry detergent and I just filled the sink and re washed it by hand and it came clean.  But fair warning.  We don’t have a problem with our t shirts and undergarments – just glad I don’t have to wash them all ourselves.

Tomorrow is Reciffe, Brazil – first port day.  We don’t have any formal plans.  Stay Tuned!!!

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