Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Finally a cabin assignment!

This is the latest we have ever gotten a cabin assignment -- four days before we sail!  

Now sure we could of gotten assignment up until we boarded but it was frustrating and a little exciting waiting for cabin assignment.  Kind of like Christmas morning as a child sneaking around and trying to find my presents that my Mom had hidden, but never finding them but always happy when I opened the gifts.  

Okay you have all waited long enough.... drum roll please.... (hmmm can I add a sound effect)



A227 which is a BE Category, which is what we booked. When Princess changed their cabin categories when the Royal came out they changed the numerous categories to just a few.  Which makes it easier when booking but now when you get a guarantee you can be given a cabin really anywhere.

We originally had a guarantee for both legs, but when a coveted Caribe balcony came available (yes it is a BE cabin too) we grabbed it for the second leg.  But still had the guarantee for the first leg.  Until today!  

We are happy with the cabin.  The main issue for me is that we have passenger cabins above and below or at least areas around us that are quiet and won't have lounge chairs dragged above us or base sounds coming from a show lounge below us.

We are happy that we will be on starboard side for part of the trip and the port side for the other part of the trip.

Love that it is only a quick two flights up to the Lido deck and Horizon Court, and the gym is close too.  

Turnaround day in Valparaiso will mean packing up and changing cabins, but Princess has this down to a science and it is easy to do.  We don't have anything scheduled for Valparaiso so we can pack up and move our bags ourselves (or leave it for the crew and they will move) but normally we just pack it up and move it ourselves.  

We have all our stuff ready to go.... we leave tomorrow so stay tuned.

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