Friday, February 21, 2014

February 19, 2014 Evening

We head over to Barb and Craig’s for sail away and to meet up with the Head Waiter for the Ultimate Balcony Dinner to go over our menu for the dinner as we are having it together in a few days.  The Head Waiter Anud described what we will get and asked us what we wanted and how we wanted it.  He saw that we were having champagne on the balcony right then and that one of us had a regular wine glass instead of a champagne glass and commented and quickly called and right away more champagne glasses arrive.  And then a few minutes later a plate of chocolate covered strawberries and some canap├ęs arrived.  Wow that is so impressive and very much appreciated.  Those little things are what keep us coming back to Princess.

We shower and get ready for dinner and tonight we will head to Da Vinci Dining room but when we arrive there is a bit of a queue (although it is just a bit of a wait to see the hostess) but we decided to head to Michelangelo dining room again and ask for a table for two.  We are sat near the back in Gordon’s section, and comment that we sailed with him on the Emerald.  His assistant was very sweet and we had very good service.  The food was excellent and tonight was the first time we tipped our waiter extra for great service.

Tonight in Explorers Lounge they are doing the Jeopardy trivia and we arrive just a few questions into it and we join couple, who end up being from our roll call that I chatted with a few times via email and we are doing a few tours with.  We had a lot of fun in the game and even though we well how do I put it ---- SUCKED – the staff made it fun and we made it fun and in the end that is really what matters. 

Oh I tried one of the drinks my fans on my page recommended I try… I had a Texas Ice Tea and it was very good and I am definitely going to have it again.  I have a list of the drinks that I got as recommendations and I have it posted in my cabin and will make my way thru that list so stay tuned.

Special moment today:  something about being on a cruise ship that makes things more romantic…. As we stroll along the promenade we see an older couple in front of us and the husband reaches over and grabs his wife’s hand and the stroll along the promenade…. Something about being at sea brings out that romantic touches that make you realize the love.

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