Sunday, February 23, 2014

Relax Completely – February 22, 2014

Bernie gave me today’s blog title – Relax Completely – cause that is really what it was!  I wish I could write how we did these amazing things, kept busy, and partied hardy but truly we relaxed from the moment we got up to the moment we went to bed.  So this blog will be short.

I did wake up early, very early and then just laid in bed and slept intermittedly.  Around 8:30 I got up and showered and we headed down to the dining room for breakfast and enjoyed my first meal of pancakes!  Yum.

I forgot to mention that last night sometime between when we left the cabin to when we finished the show in the Princess Theater Bernie lost his fitbit (this is a little gizmo that tracks all your steps, calories burned, stairs climbed, how much you sleep and cost $100).  We both have one and we keep active by making sure we meet our daily goal.  Now normally we clip it onto our pocket and rarely does it come loose.  But tonight when Bernie left the show he put his hand in his pocket and realized he had lost it.  We retracked our steps and couldn’t find it.  We went to the Purser’s desk and they took the info down but so far no one had turned it in. 
This morning we checked with our waiter Nancy and she said she had not seen it.  Bernie is disappointed and kicking himself and I am trying to calm him and say “that is okay we will get you a new one”. 

We are sitting in the International Café and we see Anthony come by (he is the great waiter from Vines) and he sees Bernie and says “hey is this yours” and it is Bernie’s Fitbit!  Now it is a given it is Bernie’s cause when you pick it up it says on the display “hi Bernie”.  Anthony found it right under Bernie’s seat last night after we left and knew it was his.  Oh what a dear, and we are so thankful.  Bernie made sure to thank him with a reward and a large Purdy’s chocolate bar. So Bernie is very happy.

There is a lot going on today, lots!  Many things I have not seen in the Patter before but amazed and pleased and lots of things going on for all the Spanish speaking passengers.  Very nice.

I walk all over the ship taking pictures and chatting with people.  But I am tired and the cabin is calling and while I sit on the balcony Bernie is napping.  Around 1:30 we order some room service for lunch – clubhouse for me and grill cheese for Bernie and fries but the fries were so cold we didn’t eat them.

I crawl into bed and spend the next few hours napping, reading, repeat.

I wanted to add that the ship is a bopping up and down – in fact ever since we have left Florida there has been very strong winds.  It is not horrible but the ship is moving and at night when we pick up speed there is a lot of creaking but I just love it as it rocks me to sleep.

Tonight is the Ultimate Balcony Dinner Experience and I am going to write a separate blog for that so stay tuned.


  1. My mother daughter and I were on The Royal Princess for their Christmas Cruise. It was amazing. Drake and David who are part of the director's crew entertained us the entire time. We would like to send them recommendations but do not know their last names. Would love to communicate with the head office so that they can get the recognition they deserve.

  2. I am really enjoying your Blog. Thank you for doing it.