Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sail Away and Evening of St. Thomas Day

We invited Barb and Craig over for sail away and we cracked open a bottle of champagne and we had a few munchies of cheese/fruit/sweets from the horizon court.  One bottle down Craig went to get another bottle, two bottles down!  Of course this was over the span of an hour and a half.

Tonight’s drink in the Platinum/Elite lounge is mojito so we head down to Club Fusion and Barb and Craig introduce us to the lovely Jasmin who serves us and boy is she wonderful.  So friendly and accommodating and even brings us water automatically.  One thing is the bar staff have been so great and friendly and knowledgeable.  I will note here that this lounge allows us to order any of the drinks from the Elite/Platinum lounge menu any night for the $5 cost per drink. 

The buffet theme in Horizon Court is the Bavarian night (thinking of our friends Bill/Cathy who enjoy this night) and Bernie and I decide that we want to go up there, plus we need a break from the dining room.  The food is amazing, lots of selection, and even a lot of options that are not German themed so don’t let that stop you from heading up.  They even have a suckling pig that they are carving up. 
After dinner, we decide to check out Mark Merchant who is a Ventriloquist now I am usually not into Ventriloquist and Bernie really isn’t into them but we LOVED Mark Merchant and his act, we couldn’t stop laughing.  And because they held it in Explorer’s Lounge it was much more intimate and you really connected with the performer and his dolls, they certainly felt more human to me.  Mark is getting off tomorrow and new acts are coming on.  So far the entertainment I have found on board has been very varied meeting many people’s needs.

After the act we stay around to partake in Dan’s Movie Music Trivia – of course we suck at it but Dan makes it fun and we just can’t stop laughing at all Dan’s comments.  We joined up with a lovely couple from Florida (darn sorry I remember his name is Richard but can’t recall her name – boy I am so bad at names).

Comments of the day:

Today was a great day, feeling more settled in on board.
We got laundry back today – it took a day longer than normal but it is understandable since there are over 800 elites on board.

Ship to us seems very nice and even though she is older she seems to be kept up with very well.  We have not encountered any issues with Air Conditioning or heating and no toilet issues as others have mentioned.

The shop staff are very nice and helpful.  Bernie’s Tissot watch battery died and they have been helpful with directing him where he can go ashore to find one.  And Neil the Shopping Host has helped with that too.  Note Neil is getting off in Barbados as the ship won’t have a shopping guide after that.

There are numerous lecturer’s on board and we are looking forward to attending a few of them or at least watching them on the tv when they rebroadcast them.

We are loving the Wake Show.  Lisa and Dan are very funny together and love how they head all over the ship to show us the behind the scenes.  They also are showing movie previews for the movies that are being shown on MUTS or on the tv.

And what was truly beautiful today was while sitting in Explorer’s tonight we were listening to the band Arizona and a couple got up to dance and the husband had an apparent mobility issue (something like MS) and uses a cane and has trouble with balance but he slowly got to the dance floor and led his wife on the dance floor.  For the next song he positioned himself beside a wall and then dance with her there with the wall there to brace himself.  He had her twirling and all…. It was so beautiful.  They obviously love to dance and he has found a way to still do it which was still 100 times better than how we dance and they looked so in love.  

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  1. Vickie - my heart warms - you just knew I would read this post didn't you. I hope I can dance with Derrick for many years to come also ..... HUG, my friend.