Saturday, February 1, 2014

No Cabin Assignment

I am the first to say "hey book a guarantee" but my next comment will be "patience is in order while you wait to find out what cabin you got".

I think I check my Princess Personalizer daily (heck who am I kidding, I check it numerous times a day).  Of course I am checking to see if we have a cabin assignment.

First I wasn't expecting a cabin but checked daily just to check, who knows maybe they have given us a cabin.  Then about four weeks prior to the trip I check cause well darn it they should have assigned it.

Now it is less than two weeks away and I am really anxious.

WHY, I should know better!

For the past few years when we have booked a guarantee we haven't gotten assignment before ten days out.  So why do I think this trip is any different?  WHY

I have friends who book a guarantee and I always tell them, be patient it will come.

This trip has been sold out for a long time.  We have a BE guarantee for the first leg... Fort Lauderdale to Valparaiso.  Then we have an assigned cabin for second leg Valparaiso to Los Angeles.  We booked a specific cabin on the second leg when a Caribe cabin came up and we marked it "do not upgrade". Our hope is they put us in the same cabin for the first leg.  But if we have to move that is no big deal either.  

If this cruise would not have been so popular when we booked we would of chosen a specific cabin but cabins were limited in the lower priced categories so we decided to take our chance with a guarantee.

So now I am going to tell myself "be patient".  

It just goes to show when you are in the situation it is a lot harder to be patient.

So stay tuned till tomorrow when once again I am checking my personalizer to see if I have a cabin assignment.

Trust me I will let you all know when we do.

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  1. Another question- l0l
    Have you ever done the 15 day night cruise from Ft Lauderdale to London on the Princess Royal? Any tips, suggestions for land excursions, etc.? Appreciate your time and help!