Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 23 Back to Reality - What do you mean I have to cook

Back in Seattle

Yup the trip is over, all good things must come to an end. We aren't really in any rush to get off, our shuttle isn't picking us up until 10:30.

We get our final bill at our door, and once again there is another error. Seems that we keep getting charges from other people. You see when you buy something on board, no matter what, you show your card and they write your folio number down and enter that into the computer. On three occasions our number is entered and each time we have to go down to the pursers' desk and ask them to pull the bill and it is obvious that it is not our signature. This last charge is funny because it is from the night prior, from Skywalkers at 9:15 --- and we weren't even on the ship at that time, we were still in Victoria.

We eat a last breakfast in the Horizon Court, and gather our stuff and head to the Dining Room -- our gathering place for Platinum Members waiting for our time to disembark.

We find Paul and Yvonne, and shortly thereafter Rose and Jerry join us, then Karin and John.

We reminisce about the cruise and all the fun we had. We talk about future cruises and how we can all try and sail again together.

We are sailing with Jerry and Rose, Karin and John again in September on the Island Princess thru the Panama Canal. And now Yvonne and Paul are joining us on the Ruby Princess in January in the Caribbean.

Disembarkation was quite easy and efficient. However once again the parking lot is a disaster, similar to the week prior when we got off the Star Princess.

Lines for taxis are all the way back to the entrance to the port, about 250. We go to the location of where our shuttle is to be, and we are having trouble figuring out where to line up. After about 15 minutes we find our contact and inform him that we are here. The shuttle arrives about 15 minutes after that and we all board, the bus is full, in fact three couldn't get on but the rep put them in a taxi and covered the cost.

Here is a sample of the crowds.

Here is a shot of the queue of the taxis trying to get into the pier. The problem is that there are two lanes that turn into one and then it begins to back up. We later found out that friends who got off first thing had no problems at all. So if you are in need of getting back to your car, or the airport quickly I suggest you get off first thing.

We made it back to the car just before noon and were on the road. We got back home just after 4, and started the wash!

Another trip done... and it was a good one. We never thought we would do Alaska, but we can say now that we are glad we did it. It was truly beautiful, but I do think many parts of B.C. are just as beautiful. But for a week of rest and relaxation where I didn't have to cook or clean for a nominal fee and to sail with great people -- well I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Thanks for the memories everyone.

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