Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 19 Skagway and BC and the Yukon

Skagway - One State a Province and a Territory all in one Day

We are off the ship early, one of the first 100. There are three ships in port today and it isn't a big place so I am preparing for it to be busy. We walk the short distance to town and we have our first stop allready in line.

Starbucks, yes Skagway has a Starbucks, well it is just an outlet but still the experience is the same. YUM

What a cute place, and it is still really quiet.

Jerry is thinking Kan Kan dancing could be an interesting sport....

We find the location of our rental car place. Sourdough car rentals We got a very reasonable price for a van that easily accommodated all of us.
Note: only US citizens can drive a US car into Canada something about the worry of Canadians not bringing it back, now as if we would do that.  (Note this is no longer applicable, Canadians can rent cars in Skagway with no issue about taking it into the US.)

We stop at one of the first lookouts and there are two Princess Excursion Buses there and they start to unload and there are crowds of people. Man am I ever glad we did our own thing.

John decides to drive but it is a little cramped, may need to adjust the seat.

stunning scenery

Bernie plays havic on Rose's shoes - do we need to separate these two?

We crossed into the BC at the Fraser town, we even got stamps in our passport!

Carcross Desert

Where are we?

Emerald Lake - this was our turnaround spot

Man did we ever laugh on this trip

this could be a difficult table to get in to

our rental car

Welcome to Beautiful B.C.

A short distance later, we enter the Yukon

Mountain Goats

Looks like these two are in trouble but actually they are just wanting to check out the latest attraction a pedestrian bridge. Can't remember how much they were charging but it is was way too much.

None of us were too sure what kind of animal this was but we think it it is a marmot. She or maybe it was a he? But he was sure friendly and wasn't afraid of us.

We almost loose Rose... ha ha ha

Back in Alaska - looks like a school photo

cemetary where there was an avalanch

Says it all doesn't it - Shot in the Mountains

Can you see the eagle?

the view from the lookout of Skagway

Downtown Skagway - but the crowds have started to arrive. In fact at one point we turned around and it was like a wall of people coming at us. We had to get out of there.

We decide to walk back to the ship

Once we get back on board we relax for a bit as we have dinner reserations at Sabatinis (the specialty restaurant). The dinner was a gift from the Cruise Director. It was one of the best meals we have ever had there. We were a table away from the window and the views are spectacular.


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