Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 17 - Day at Sea

Day at Sea

Oh I love sea days! I get to sleep in and hang out around the ship and the weather is great so bring it on.

One thing that is in the Patters is Guitar Hero with Wii, and I've always wanted to try it so we head down to the Sports Bar and Karin and I try it out. Fun, but man was I ever bad at it.

It is nice to be with our friends again and we hang out all day and well one thing heads into another and well we are all in bed together!

Sea days means, lunch in the dining room. I love having breakfast and lunch in the dining room and am happy we are going. We are all six of us and we end up with another couple allready sitting at the table.

As we sit down Bernie sits beside John and I am sitting beside Karin and well Jerry and Rose are beside each other. We start to introduce ourselves to the other couple. Bernie quickly smiles at John and says to the couple, I am Bernie and this my partner John. That is Karin and her partner Vickie and oh those others are Jerry and Rose. The other couple at the table looks a little surprised but don't really know what to make of us.

The cute couple

We head up to skywalkers for the meet and greet with

It was so nice to put a face to a name and lots of laughs. We also organized a gift exchange.

Paul with the gift he got

Tonight is formal night our first one. Bernie had bought some feather boas prior to the trip for five of us ladies for formal night.

Paul and I (we sailed with Paul and Yvonne last Jan on the Grand)

Bernie and Yvonne (Paul's wife from Edmonton)

Here is our gang. We were the highlight of the dining room. We all couldn't stop laughing and we had a great waiter and of course Jose took great care of us.

John celebrated his birthday

After dinner we went to see the comedian Jim Macdonald. Somehow John feel asleep during his show.

Gee and the Jerry falls asleep too.

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