Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 20 Tracey Arm - Is That Windex in the Water?

Sailing Up Tracey Arm

We are told we will start to sail up the Arm towards the glacier as of 6 am. But we are just to lazy and sleep in until 7. We quickly grab a bite to eat from room service and we dress warmly and head up on deck.

It is all ready very crowded but not too bad as it is still rather cool. We come prepared. I have a coffee mug and have made hot chocolate and a few added ingredients to keep me warm. Princess also has hot chocolate and coffee up on deck for those who wish.

It is truely amazing, the colors of the floating ice are blue blue blue, almost looks like frozen Windex. Up ahead we can see the Star Princess which has all ready been up to the glacier and is heading out.

The Captain comes on and announces that we should all wave as we go by. The horns are sounded and everyone waves. Check out the video below.

Seems like everyone is snapping shots of every square inch. We couldn't ask for better weather!

In the end it has warmed up considerably and all we need are a sweater and sweatshirt for Bernie.

The Glacier, and on the edge of the ice are seals.

Cheers, this is after three or four "special" hot chocolates. Man cruising is fine.

That evening Claudio (Passenger Services Director) invited us to Vines for a drink and some sushi. It was nice getting to know him and the workings of the Golden. It is obvious he has a great crew as they all seem very happy and eager to please.

Tonight is the night we are heading to the disco up in Skywalkers. This is a shot of us going up the moving sidewalk with the lights, slowed down my camera setting to get a "psychedelic" shot.

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