Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 16 All Aboard the Golden Princess

Golden Princess - Embarkation Day

We woke up early and we are both excited as we know we are getting to cruise today. We head downstairs to enjoy a quick breakfast at the hotel that is included. It is busy down there today... lots of cruisers.

Bernie parks the car in the parking long term parking lot and we gather our stuff at the front and wait for the shuttle bus. We booked Seattle Express and for only $12 each we don't have to worry about crowds and parking. The shuttle shows up right on time and we head to the next hotel where Karin and John along with Rose and Jerry are waiting for us. Both couples we have sailed with before, twice with Karin and John and once before with Rose and Jerry. We have already started laughing, something tells me this trip is going to be lots of fun.

The shuttle ride is only about 40 minutes to the pier. We get there and it is deserted. There are no lines anywhere, we are able to check in right away and head right on board the ship.

We meet up in the Horizon Court and start our tour of the ship and of course laughs. We had arranged prior to wear the Mardi Gras beads to identify us as Cruise Critic members

Check out the golf course, with the birdie sounds on the speaker.

The children's area. On the first day they allow you to check it out but after the first day no adults allowed unless you have kids there. Looks like a fun place.

Sail away! No music, no band, no MUTS (Movies Under the Stars) what is going on? We later find out that Seattle doesn't allow it because of the noise pollution. Now did it ruin sail away, no way, but it certainly did take away the fun/party atmosphere that comes with sail away.

We meet up with so many of our Cruise Critic Friends and drinks, laughs and basking in the Seattle sun just the start of a great cruise.

This is Jeannie, now this is one organized lady. Not only does she have a spreadsheet of the cruise she even has what she wears on the spreadsheet to help with packing and keeping the weight of the bags down. She is a good person to know.

After sail away we agree to meet for drinks at 7:30 and then dinner. We had a great meal and lots of laughs and fun. We head to the production show tonight, and check out the entertainment for the week. Jim MacDonald is the comedian and he is hilarious. His full show will be tomorrow and we will make sure to check him out.

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