Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 18 Juneau Here We Come


Again another day to sleep in because we are not in Juneau until the early afternoon.

After a nice breakfast we all gather in our room to chat and admire the beautiful scenery. We are really enjoying the window. It is giving everyone the chance to inspect the wilds of Alaska.

We decide to head up to the top deck to check out Juneau as we sail into the beautiful harbour. It is so warm out too.

We tried to get lunch in Horizon Court but it is CRAZY. They only have one section open and the line up is out the door. We even tried to go and get pizza or a hamburger but again the lines are crazy. We decide to wait it out, the other side is opened at noon and we then make an attempt to get some food. But again the waits, the crowds and the selection that we can actually get too are just are not worth it. So we just have some fruit and we head ashore. Princess really fell down here, they should of been more prepared for the crowds that would eat just before getting off.

We get off and we walk just past the port and we see that there are many many different companies that will transport us to Mendenhall Glacier We are a group of eight so we get a deal of $12 return, regular price would of been $14 per person.

We are waiting for the bus
here are our chariots
Paul and Yvonne on the bus
The glacier
It is beautiful
The waterfall that we walked to, about a 7 min walk from the visitor centre
Karin and Rose find a spot to sit and relax until our bus comes
We come across this smaller ice berg - truely amazing
Of course we warned John not to put his tongue on it but he couldn't reisist and we had to get assistance to help him break free.
We encounter a bear, cute and cuddly too.
Don't know who these characters are but they do appear to be scary
Karin is arrested by the Alaskan police in Juneau
Outside of the Red Dog Saloon - long line ups to get in
We finally get in and get our Duck Fart shooter. Not bad, better than I expected. But the place was very crowded, prices were high, and too noisy for us. Would I go back, nope, but I can say I did it.
We end up getting back onboard the ship a little early. We are tired. We have a nice quiet evening with friends.

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