Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 21 Ketchikan


We are up early and it doesn't look that nice out. In fact it looks like it could rain. So off we go with our rain gear on, note first time we have used it.

We both decided to just head out on our own and wander the streets. No set plans, mainly picture taking for me, Bernie not sure, just make me happy I guess.

It is a pretty town, the locals are very friendly, and the people are busy selling tours and bus trips. But we are not really interested. We are only here for the morning and since it looks like it could rain we stay close to the pier.

We run into Claudio and he recommends a good espresso place just around the corner, so you know where we are headed. After our coffee and taking some shots. The rain starts, lightly at first but then it really starts to come down. Bernie is tired so he heads back to the ship. I still want to wander so I head out and check out things.

I walk into a beautiful pottery shop and purchase a lovely bowl as a souvenir. Unfortunately the bowl doesn't survive the trip home, it broke on the shuttle to the car park. Wasn't meant to be. But trust me it was a lovely bowl.

I really like this place, very laid back, very artsy, and the people are so very nice and seem to be truly happy to see the tourists.

You can take this tram up the hill for nice views. Sorry didn't take the tram as I am not really into that, plus not sure if you would of seen much with the clouds.

The stores along the walkway were interesting full of fun things from the area, lots of artist studios.

These statues sat on top of the pier's pilings. Very nice, very cleaver

The panoramic view of the other side of Ketchikan from the ship.

Run into Rose and Karin as they get back from the "shopping" experience. They show off all their free stuff they got from the coupon book. They are so cute.

We get invited to join Richard the cruise director for lunch. Our friends join us and we have an interesting lunch. Richard is very nice and easy to talk to and seems to be interested in all of us and how our trip is going. I must say it has been very nice to have a more mature Cruise Director... I was tired of some of the young ones that I just couldn't relate to. Oh no I guess I am getting old.

The afternoon is spent relaxing. In fact I think we come across Paul in the Promenade bar around 3 and we join him. Then Yvonne joins us, then Jerry and Rose join us, then Karin and John. Needless to say we sat there for 2.5 hours. Here is one of the waiters shaking up my martini.

Doesn't that look divine? And it tasted good too. Time to go get ready, tonight is formal night and the Captain Circle Party. We all arrange to meet just prior so we can enjoy it together.

The feather boas make another appearance.

the guys joking around

here is our gang

The feathers started to go everywhere.


For the Captain Circle party drinks are complimentary and I think we sampled one of everything. And I do think I enjoyed them.

The drinks tasted better with a few feathers added.

After a few drinks

Paul with one of the "can can" girls, oh no sorry that is his wife Yvonne

But she is friendly

Poor John

After the party we decide we all better get some food in our tummies as this alcohol needs something to absorb it. So off to the dining room and a table for 8. Of course Jose is there to take care of us again.

Here is Jose taking the shell off my lobster.

I should help him, he is working so hard. He was truly the highlight of our trip.

Karin gets her raspberry Creme Brule, courtesy of Jose, in fact he brought one for everyone. Very nice touch since it wasn't on the menu.

We are all getting tired now, and we start to nod off one after the other.

The day is over, tomorrow is our last day on board!

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