Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 22 Beatuiful Victoria

Last Day - But Victoria First
We sleep in and have a relaxing morning. Bernie goes down to the duty free to pick up some booze! Love the fact we are just driving home, so we stock up.

Today we are attending a get together that Richard, the Cruise Director has organized for the Cruise Critic group to meet the officers. We all gather in the Wheelhouse bar at 11, where a few of the officers are in attendance.

Bernie and Claudio the Passenger Services Director

Me with Marilyn from Cruise Critic, a wealth of information!

Claudio with two lovely ladies.

Adam the Assistant Cruise Director

Karin and I with Captain Foster

Here is Richard with his new feather boa as a reminder of us.

Jerry and his new hat. It was good for a laugh

We say goodbye to Jose, till the next time.

We weren't getting into Victoria until later, around 7 pm and neither of us felt like dressing up and heading to the dining room so we went up to the Horizon Court for a quick meal. Up there we ran into Jeanie and Harry and invited them to join us ashore in our beautiful Capital city.

Here we are -- arriving in Victoria.

Now the port is a short walk to town, about 15 minutes thru lovely residential areas. You can easily catch a taxi, and there were quite of few tours too. We chose to walk as it was a lovely evening.

Lovely Karin with a blooming Clematis

Our Parliament building

the lovely ladies

The Inner Harbour

Stunning artwork at the Victoria Conference Centre

Making friends with a local moose.

Jeannie is caught dancing in the streets.

Where to?

John's comment was in the US their lighthouses are on the water... smart !

Funny place for a canoe.

We take everyone to the pub that Bernie and I went to after we just got engaged that night. Now this was a while ago, but the pub is still there. It is tiny and crowded. We sit and enjoy a beer, but we are tired.

Time to head back to the ship. We all walk back, and we don't really want to go back, there is so much going on in Victoria tonight and I feel like we are teenagers having to get back for curfew.

The Parliament buildings all lite up.

Back on board now just before 10 pm. We sail at 10 and we need to get our bags out. So we head to the room and pack.
Hard to believe we are getting off tomorrow.

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