Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 15 onward to Seattle and Alaska beyond

Vancouver to Seattle

We sail tomorrow to Alaska but before all that starts I have to work. Yup work, can't really justify taking another day off when I don't really need it so I go to work. 425 am start, yes I said 425 am start, but I am finished just before 1 pm.

I head home after my shift all excited because I am on vacation!

The house is still a mess because of the renovations but who cares we are gone for a week. No dust, no contractors, no doing dishes in the bathroom sink!

We quickly get our last minute things packed and we are in the car by 2 pm and on our way. This is a long weekend in B.C. and the borders are calling for long waits. We carefully listen to the reports on the time waits and decide our best option is to head to grab a sandwich and get in line at the boarder and thankfully we did. After about a 40 minute wait we were heading south to Seattle.

Of course Vickie talks Bernie into hitting the Outlet Mall - but only for about an hour.

Traffic is a mess in on the way to Seattle, I guess with a combination of rush hour and Friday night it is crawling. We take an exit and start heading South on any road we can and it works.

We stop for dinner and wine and a few sundries and then head to our hotel. Again we chose to stay at the Best Western Executel. We have stayed here before and we like the rooms, the parking is at a decent price and we enjoy their morning complimentary breakfast.

I am so tired! It is now about 8 pm and I can barely drag my butt into bed but I manage and close my eyes and I crashed.

Slept like a baby and this vacation feels different, I don't have any expectations, I don't have any cares except to get on the ship and relax.

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