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And We Are Home

How can so many days away go by so fast?  Explain please?  Answers?

I am now home and I feel a little melancholy.  I know someone else is in our cabin, Douw is serving someone else, Peter is welcoming new Captain Circle Members on board, Felipe and Delmaire are selling their little hearts out.  But we are not there!

I will back track a bit to last night.

Being the last night on board we knew we wanted to have a nice dinner and remember the great voyage.  Trust me, everyone should do this, actually you should do this every day, share with that special person the wonderful things that happened that day and what you are thankful for.  It is always easier to remember the horrible things but sit down and remember the great things.

Last night we were truly blessed, and we remember the past four weeks together.  Peter joins us and we share a lovely evening together dotted with friends (aka new family members) coming to the table to chat and say good bye. 

Will I make it thru the night without cry…

I am NOT 29 Anymore

It all started out harmless.Dinner was at Sabatinis we arrived with a bottle of wine that was given to us by Head Office, but the Maitre d’Hotel also had a bottle of wine there for us, so two bottles between three people.

Dinner was the usual calamari, pasta, then the lobster three ways which is great but really all I love is the risotto the most and should of just ordered that.Then I had an after dinner cocktail.
Lots going on after dinner and Peter suggests the British Invasion show, but on the way he buys us all Beverly Hills’ Ice Teas.They sure taste good and the show is amazing, dancing in my seat the entire time.
Off to the Atrium to enjoy the Farwell Party and the balloon drop, another Beverly Hills’ Ice Tea!More dancing, more laughing, and well just fun.
Well I should of seen it coming!When will I ever learn?I wake up and oh no my head, my tummy, my entire body is sore with a huge hangover!No more drinking I say to Bernie!He feels good, go figure.
He suggests breakfast and I grumb…

Another Sea Day – Fourth in a Row But Still Love Sea Days

I will recap about last night – we showed up in the dining room last night and Douw had prepared a lovely antipasti dish.It was huge, and we each got one.For our entrée I had the chicken dish with a side of the polenta and it was very good, very crispy.

Of course no Italian night could be complete without some Limocello and for $5 a glass (and you keep the souvenir glass) it is well worth it.But after sharing a bottle of wine and then the limocello I am feeling the effects.
We check out the game “The Quest” in Explorer’s lounge, sort of a scavenger hunt game for adults.Looks like everyone is having a great time.
We then head to the Princess Theater to check out the impressionist and he is very good but we thought Martyn the CD’s comments after the show to be even funnier than the main act.
Clocks go forward again and we are awake and heading for breakfast at 9 am.I have the eggs bennedict, yummy.
This morning I have my ribbon Lei making session.It is being held in Sabatinis at 11:15 and it…

Third Sea Day

Weather is not as nice coming back as it was going, very wind, moderate waves and cooler.You can still wear shorts and t-shirts but I wouldn’t say it is sun bathing weather.

Since the clocks went forward again last night we wake and the clock shows 9 am!We decide to just head down to the International Café for coffee and pastries and I take part in the Sudoku challenge at 9:45 (came in second) and I then get a ticket for the ribbon Lei Making – trust me that line is long and for some reason they decide to hand out the tickets in the Atrium so the line snakes all around the tables and it is noisy.Personally I think they should move this ticket handout elsewhere like down by the aft in front of vista where people normally line up for the bingo tickets.
We head to the Princess theater for Mark Harris’ talk on Oceanography and see that the theater is empty, hmmm must have the time wrong so we head back to the Atrium and check the patter and sure enough it is an hour from now at 11, not 10.

Review of Last Night - too funny

Last night was the Captain Circle Party for the Platinum and Elite members.We originally were given a 5 pm cocktail party time but since we don’t eat until around 7:45 we chose to go to the later party at 7 pm.

You can see lots of seats still available in the Vista Lounge.I don’t know if this is because it is just Platinum and Elite members or if it is because most attended the earlier party.Whatever it is we are sitting with a nice gentleman who I see every time we play Sudoku.He is travelling by himself and when I saw him sitting alone I invited him over.
Most travelled is just over a 1,000 days – WOW, Mr Fivel I believe is his name.We have travelled with him a few times now.He is rather demanding, in fact he didn’t bring a tie on this voyage and since tonight is formal he needed on for the party.Peter the Captain Circle Host actually lent him a tie from his own closet!Now that is service that goes over and above.
We sip vodka and soda water for Bernie and Cosmos for me and say hi to m…

Can You Hear It? The Sound of Waves – A Day At Sea

After four days in ports I am in desperate need of some sea days and pure relaxation.

The clocks go forward an hour but for some stupid reason I am awake at 6 am, what is really 5 am, what the heck is with that!
But we relax for a bit and then dress and head down to the International Café for a coffee and some reading before heading for breakfast.Surprisingly there are quite a few people up and about at this hour.
The seas are moderate and we can definitely feel the movement, more so than the trip to Hawaii but still very reasonable and it is not affecting us much.
We head back to the Piazza after breakfast and sit and chat with Mark Harris the Naturalist on board – his stories are very interesting and we arrange to meet him for dinner tonight and will attend his lecture later on.
Sudoku is back at 9:45 and it is a harder one and I am doing fine but I have to go to the bathroom so bad and I can’t concentrate as there is a huge number of people in the atrium.I soon figure out that it is peo…

Lahaina Maui

Darn this getting up early is well horrible!We have the clock set for 6 am cause we have to be in the Princess Theater for 7:15.ARGH – and what was worst we chose to order room service this morning and the only request I had was a bagel and cream cheese and all I got was cream cheese, but at least there were two containers of the cream cheese!No bagel!Bernie got his fruit and cereal and we had juice and we managed.

Lahaina is a tender port (our only one) and we are herded into the theater, okay herded may not be the right word but since we rarely do ship’s tours I am feeling a little like cattle.
The Tour we booked is the snorkel trip to the crater and then snorkel at the turtle cleaning station.The cost if I remember correctly was $119 each.It included a breakfast snack (muffin, fruit, coffee and juice) snorkel at two spots and then a lunch (sandwich, salads, sodas/water, chips).

We are taken by tender and directed right to the boat which is only a few feet away.What is definitely notic…

Nawiliwili, Kauai – October 13, 2012

We are pulling into the harbor and the island looks so very beautiful very different from yesterday.We are up just before 7 am and we quickly dress and head down for breakfast, then a latte and we arrange to meet up with our friends Peter and Pippa at 9:15.

We once again reserved a rental car thru for $38 for the entire day (not including insurance) and we were given a Dodge Avenger which suited the four of us perfectly.The shuttle was right at the pier and took us to the airport which was about 2 miles away.

We make our way to Waimea Canyon (take highway 50 and follow the signs)We stop at the Waimea Canyon Lookout, the Pulu Hinahina Lookout, the Kalalau Lookout, then the Pulu o Kila Lookout.Each lookout is amazing with something to offer along the way.Make sure to stop and really take in the sights.I wish we would have had longer day here as I would of loved to have done a few of the trails but that would require more of a longer stay like a week’s stay…