Monday, October 8, 2012

Second Sea Day of Four

Had a hard time sleeping last night the meal was not sitting well, that is what I get for eating so much and drinking a variety of items.  So in the middle of the night I was up taking something to settle my tummy.  Took about an hour to work and I was out like a light soon after.  Woke up at 7:30 am to the sunrise out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Breakfast was amazing – I had my first eggs Benedict and I was not disappointed.  Have to head to Sudoku challenge at 9:45 I have a record to uphold and I did it again, coming in first 5 for five, winning a passport holder, flashlight and carabineer. 

Atrium is busy as there is another Bijoux sale and they are lined up anxiously waiting for the doors to open.  People – no need to line up you are on vacation.

I will also add while waiting for the Sudoku challenge to start we chatted with Mark Harris who was the Naturalist I saw yesterday.  I shared that I saw his talk and enjoyed it but note not everyone on board is American (see yesterday’s post) and also found out he will be doing the excursion that we booked for Maui too.  Today he has a lecture on Hawaiian Bird Life – A Birder’s Paradise at 11:15 that we will attend.

Other things going on today include:  bible Study, Bocce Ball, Move Big Miracle (MUTS), Trivia, Holiday Store at Sea, Lecture on How the Earth Maintains Temperature and Why Glaciers Happen Every 100,000 Years, Golf Chipping, Fruit & Vegetable Carving Demo, Slot Tournament, Photography@Sea class, Move the Artist, Origami Class, Art Auction, Bridge Play, Ballroom Dance Class Foxtrot, Movie Duck Soup (MUTS), Bingo, Afternoon Tea, Football Game, Movie Iron Lady (on tv), Captains Welcome Aboard Party, Who Sang What Beattles, Movie John Carter (MUTS), Production Show Stardust, Majority Rules Game, Comdey Juggler Mark Henry and more.

Also formal night tonight, and the Gold Members are having their Captain Circle Party.  For this voyage it has changed each gold member will receive an invite to the Princess Theater at 4 pm, upon entering they will be given a coupon valid for a free drink in any of the bars of a value of up to $7.  Also at the party they will draw an invite that will reward the person to all the amenities that an elite passenger normally gets, laundry, mini bar, priority tendering, internet etc.

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  1. Wow 4pm, that's early. Guess lots turned up in beach wear from the pool!