Thursday, October 18, 2012

Another Sea Day – Fourth in a Row But Still Love Sea Days

Jasper with his new Ribbon Lei

I will recap about last night – we showed up in the dining room last night and Douw had prepared a lovely antipasti dish.  It was huge, and we each got one.  For our entrée I had the chicken dish with a side of the polenta and it was very good, very crispy. 

Of course no Italian night could be complete without some Limocello and for $5 a glass (and you keep the souvenir glass) it is well worth it.  But after sharing a bottle of wine and then the limocello I am feeling the effects.

We check out the game “The Quest” in Explorer’s lounge, sort of a scavenger hunt game for adults.  Looks like everyone is having a great time. 

We then head to the Princess Theater to check out the impressionist and he is very good but we thought Martyn the CD’s comments after the show to be even funnier than the main act.

Clocks go forward again and we are awake and heading for breakfast at 9 am.  I have the eggs bennedict, yummy.

This morning I have my ribbon Lei making session.  It is being held in Sabatinis at 11:15 and it is well attended.  I sat with two nice ladies and we introduced ourselves and enjoyed getting to know each other.  I did have a little fun with one of the ladies as she went on and on and on about how many cruises she had been on and how much she knew about travel.  My comment to her was “wow you seem to have cruised a lot, how many cruises have you been on?” she responded “oh eleven now” proudly.  I just smiled back and she went on and on again.  Finally she asked me a question “is this your first cruise” my response “oh no this is my 37th, 33rd with Princess” that shut her up for a short while.  I get that a lot, people think because of my age (47) that I haven’t been anywhere.  I explained to her that Bernie and I love to travel, that when we are at home we save for our next adventure and sacrifice so that we can save.

Bernie and I have dinner in the dining room again, I start with the fried calamari, but sadly it was way overcooked and rubbery.  For my entrée I had the stuffed pepper and that was very good.  I even indulged in honeydew frozen yoghurt which was also yummy.

We wonder about for a bit and make our way over to Peter’s desk to catch up with him.  He is starting his preparation for the next voyage and we chat while this older gentleman approaches the desk who appears angry.  Peter asks if there is something he can help him with and this man states he wants his military credit, that he was never told about it when he booked, he is very adamant.  Peter is patient and states that sorry it is not his department but that he would have to talk with the purser’s desk as it is something you have to apply for prior to boarding.  This man is not happy with this response and asks where the purser’s desk is.  Peter directs him to the purser’s desk (funny I think, considering he has been on the ship for just under two weeks but doesn’t know where the purser’s desk is).  He starts to walk away and I say “you are welcome” well that ticks him off and he starts yelling at us.  I really thought he was rude to not only us but to Peter especially how professional Peter was.  Bernie is upset at this man and as this man heads down to the purser’s desk I state we need to let this go, this man obviously is upset and nothing would make him happy.

But in the end I know we are more upset at how badly he treated the crew, not only Peter but the Purser’s desk because we walked by and he was screaming at them.  Again, Princess offers a military credit but it is something you need to apply for prior to boarding, not once you are on. 

I am trying to focus on all the great people we have met, and not let the one or two nasty people get to us.  And we have met lovely people on board from all over the United States.  That is one great thing about cruising it is a chance to meet other people from all over, yes this cruise is mainly Americans but I have enjoyed learning more about their area and I am sure they have learned a bit about Canada from us. 

At 3 pm is the wine tasting and I head down to meet up with some friends to enjoy the tasting.  Douw was so funny, and he is so light hearted and comical that he makes it fun.  Again the second guy took it a bit too seriously and actually got upset that people were talking and not listening to him. 

I run into Mark on the way back to the cabin and we catch up, told him I missed him not having a lecture today as I needed a nap… lol…. He is a sweet man and look forward to his next lecture.

Oh I forgot to mention that our steward came to us this morning with the mixed matched socks and said we had to go the purser’s desk to fill out a claim form.  Bernie took care of it and we will see what comes of it.

Also what is funny now, but was frustrating at the time was we had received a call a few days ago asking at what time we wished to be scheduled for disembarkation.  I stated one of the first independent.  We got another call later the same day asking the same question and I responded with the same answer.  Then again we got another call asking again…. (not sure why but really appreciated the attentive service) and again we said early group but that others had called. 

Well last night we got our luggage tags and we were one of the last groups!  We decided to deal with it today and Bernie went to the Purser’s desk to enquire.  We requested one of the first independent groups and he was told sorry they are full.  Now he is saying to them, but you asked us which group we wanted, we told you, and then you don’t even put us in it!  In fact our group we had been given was 1.5 hours later.  After getting no where with the Purser’s desk he left and went and talked to Jasper the Customer Services Director and was given the group we originally asked for. 

We have been truly blessed this voyage with all the amazing people we have met in the crew and the wonderful treatment we have gotten.  But the one and only area we have gotten poor service, below standard from what we normally get is from the Purser’s desk.  From our initial issue with our cabin above the stage, our issue with the chairs being dragged above us, to the luggage tags fiasco.  Not sure why service at the Purser’s desk has been so bad, normally we have wonderful service here but seems like either they don’t understand our issue or are just skirting around the issues.  In the end I would have to rate the service poor, but the service everywhere else to be 150%.

Tonight is dinner in Sabatinis, we haven’t eaten here for dinner since last voyage.  I am really looking forward to it.  It is also formal night and the Captain’s Farewell Party, the show tonight is British Invasion and then the Grand Piazza Party which I always enjoy.

I am already getting emotional knowing I will have to say goodbye to so many new friends, no let me correct that saying goodbye to so many new family members.  Okay I better stop or I will cry.

Till tomorrow.

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