Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Review of Last Night - too funny

Jasper meets Jasper the Customer Services Director
Last night was the Captain Circle Party for the Platinum and Elite members.  We originally were given a 5 pm cocktail party time but since we don’t eat until around 7:45 we chose to go to the later party at 7 pm. 

You can see lots of seats still available in the Vista Lounge.  I don’t know if this is because it is just Platinum and Elite members or if it is because most attended the earlier party.  Whatever it is we are sitting with a nice gentleman who I see every time we play Sudoku.  He is travelling by himself and when I saw him sitting alone I invited him over.

Most travelled is just over a 1,000 days – WOW, Mr Fivel I believe is his name.  We have travelled with him a few times now.  He is rather demanding, in fact he didn’t bring a tie on this voyage and since tonight is formal he needed on for the party.  Peter the Captain Circle Host actually lent him a tie from his own closet!  Now that is service that goes over and above.

We sip vodka and soda water for Bernie and Cosmos for me and say hi to many of the crew that we know.  The Captain (Todd McBain) is so hilarious, again his quick wit are making us laugh so hard.  At one point he is walking around the audience looking for volunteers to draw names out for the champagne and he sits down next to a woman and chats with her.  Priceless.

After the party we head down to Portifinos and meet up with Mark Harris the lecturer for dinner.  He looks lovely in his tuxedo and we are sat at our usual table.  Tonight the chef is preparing a special Thai dish for us.  We didn’t specifically ask for it but we had mentioned how we were craving Thai food as it has been a while and Douw said tonight we would have it. 

I don’t think Mark knew what to make of all the staff coming over to say hi, it was non stop, all the head waiters, many of the waiters and a few of the assistant waiters, then the Maitre D came over – we comment to Mark since we have been on for so long we know quite a few people.

We really enjoyed dining with Mark and learning about his travels and his life.  He is very funny and am looking forward to his lecture today on sharks.

Emilio - Hotel General Manager - Celebrity Liar's Club

Pippa - Future Cruise Consultant - Celebrity Liar's Club
Dr. David - Celebrity Liar's Club

Peter - Captain Circle Host, and Jasper - Celebrity Liar's Club
After dinner we head to Explorer’s Lounge for the Celebrity Liar’s Club which consists of Dave the Baby Doc (aka crew doctor), Pipa the Future Cruise Consultant, Emilio the Hotel General Manager and Peter the Captain Circle Host.  I don’t want to give away all that was said, cause I don’t want to ruin it for others plus I was laughing so hard I can’t remember it all.

we did up signs to flash to each of them, this was Emilio's sign

Dr. David performs what the word means

They all played off each other and each had they little tricks.  Peter even took Jasper up on stage and had him sit on the table in front of him – he was very excited as you can see.  Pipa did a great job playing the ditzy blonde, Emilio made us laugh so hard with his serious comments and his talk about his neighbor Gianfranco, Dave had props and we couldn’t stop laughing.

After the show we head to the Wheelhouse for port with some friends and we close the place and well pretty much the entire ship too!  It is just after midnight and we don’t see a single passenger.

I want to thank Felipe for giving me the lovely pineapple earrings – I had been joking around with the shoppies on how I have been looking everywhere for a Pineapple on a t shirt or earings or just a pineapple!  Guess what he found some, beautiful gold earrings.  He gave them to me last night, how sweet.

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  1. Dinner sounds delish. Ask Douw for the Veal Chop Oscar. It's to die for.