Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cabo San Lucas Overnight

Time to catch up, it is actually the second day we are in Cabo but I need to catch up on my blog so here it goes in a nutshell.

We are to arrive around noon and we both wake up too late to make it to the dining room for breakfast, which closes at 9 so we head down to the International CafĂ© and grab a lovely yoghurt/granola mix.  Of course my latte is necessary again.

Wanted to add that the morning show is great.  We have had our share of bad morning shows on board.  We love to watch them and find out what is happening on board, catch the trivia question and have a good laugh.  Martyn and Matais do a wonderful job each day putting on the show.  The questions are very good and the prizes are even better.  The recent prizes have been dinner for two at Sabatinis, Crown Grill, two half day passes for the Sanctuary, coffee card and other stuff. 


We are meeting up with Delmarie a friend at around 2 pm to head ashore together.  The tender process is very smooth and since we are going ashore rather late no need to get tender tickets.  (note with Elite status you get priority tendering when getting off)  The ride ashore is quick and easy and the views are wonderful.

It is freakin hot and humid – I know I shouldn’t complain but we are sweating up a storm and we haven’t even started walking around yet.

Beautiful Delmarie
For those that have been following my blog for the past few years you already know that we have been here many times.  We love Mexico especially the West Coast of Mexico, but Cabo is our least favorite, yes it is beautiful, yes it has all the big hotels, yes the stores are amazing but for us it doesn’t feel like the “real” Mexico.  Actually our preference is places like Huatulco, Ixtapa and even Mazatlan.  But to get that “real” Mexican feel we head away from the main street for about 12 blocks to one of our favorite little Mexican restaurants.  We are the only gringos there, little English is spoken here.  They don’t serve alcohol but if you want a beer just cross the street and buy a beer and enjoy it at the restaurant.  We all have a great meal and we are stuffed.


We walk back towards the Marina stopping at a few shops, checked out some stalls and even bought a necklace and pendant. 

Back on board around 5:30 ish and in the cabin relaxing – we know it is around 5:30 because yup they are rehearsing in the Princess Theater and we can hear it all.  At around 6 we see they are showing the movie the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on the tv in the cabin.  We love this movie, one of our favorites so we snuggle up and watch it again. 

Dinner tonight is in Portifinos again and we are down there around 8 pm.  We bring a lovely Argentinean Malbec  to dinner.  I had a new item I have never seen on board a watermelon lycee salad with ginger and mint, gazpiacho for the soup, and for dinner a really good shrimp dish.  I tried the strudel for dessert but it wasn’t for me. 

We wander around the ship after dinner, not a lot going on but then again a lot of people are off the ship enjoying Cabo this evening.  We see they showing the movie The Artist at Movies Under the Stars tonight, we wander around up on the top deck checking out the lights in Cabo, can even hear YMCA playing at one of the local bars.  It is cool being anchored in the bay, reminds us of being anchored outside of Panama City, but of course Panama City is much much bigger.

Not much else to do so we head back to the cabin and start watching the movie “Brave” but can’t stay awake.


It is Tuesday – still Cabo

We head down for breakfast and meet up with Douw and arrange for a meeting time for going ashore together. 

We head off just after 10 and whew it is HOT… we walk the main drag and I pick up another pendant, the reason… my lovely husband surprised me last night with a beautiful pair of earring and I thought I should get a pendant to match the earrings. 

Douw and us stop for a cold beverage before we start walking towards our favorite restaurant which is on Benito Juarez about 10 blocks from the main drag.  The restaurant is called El Burro Loco.  We order some beverages, Chorizon con queso, chicken mole, chili relenos and tortillas.  All was very good. 

We head back towards the marina area and every ten feet you are asked, tour, drinks, taxi, silver… you name it.

A beautiful little restaurant facing the marina is offering two for one drinks, the guys get beers and I get a mango margarita.


We make our way back to the ship and board the next tender.  We are hot and sweaty but oh what a great two days we have had in Cabo.


Tonight is Italian night in the dining room, we probably will head there for dinner.  Tomorrow is a sea day and we have lots planned including the Most Travelled Luncheon.  Will report on that tomorrow.

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