Friday, October 5, 2012

Sea Day - Last Day of the Leg

Slept like a baby with the ship rocking me to sleep.  Awake around 8 am and first thing we do every morning is turn on the tv and watch the wake show.  We are really enjoying Martyn’s Wake Show.  Today they are in the Atrium and they had a special guest on the show, Lucy who is 106 years old and still sailing.  What a sweet woman, we did see here one day on board and chatted with her. 

Then we dress quickly to make it down to the Amafi dining room for breakfast, I had a lovely Mexican Omelet and I have to say the sliced oranges were the sweetest I have had in a long time.  But nothing beats my Cappuccino.

Back up to vines to participate in the Sudoku challenge, and I am happy to say I am 4 for 4 in the challenge.  Today I came in second and won a Princess Lanyard, but again I don’t need one so I gave it to the cute young girl next to me who is sailing and has just started doing Sudoku. 

The Atrium is a buzz, lots of sales going on around the Atrium, and the stores are all busy too with everyone buying their last minute items.  Today you can buy your liquor and take it with you back to the cabin.

I am planning out my day and I believe the gym is in order then the Sanctuary, it is a little cool outside but I got the free pass and can only use it on this voyage.  So I will dress appropriately, grab my book and head up and relax.

Just got back from lunch in Horizon Court.  Well I should preface this with “some” people are really starting to get on my nerves, and I guess my patience is running thin.  So with this in mind I grab some salad and a cupcake and try to find a seat.  I see a table for six with only two at it and ask if I can join them “no sorry we have others joining us” odd I think cause they are almost finished but I move on and grab a seat a few tables back.  Now what really bugs me is no one ever joined them!  People please – remember the golden rule “do unto others as you would have done unto you”.  I try and let this go, until I hear the couple beside me talking and complaining “why is there so much line dancing on board, I prefer the Golden cause it wasn’t full of line dancers” blah blah blah.  I am thinking to myself “I have yet to see one line dancer let alone the hoards of line dancers they are referring”.  Also there are so many great venues for dancing just move on to the next spot and dance away baby.  I will add also that the Wheelhouse was a great spot for live music with Maxman Duo and the dance floor was always available.  I then hear the couple on the other side saying “oh they have cupcakes” the other person says “yeah but I bet it is cream cheese icing and not butter cream”…. Are you kidding I am thinking as I bite into my cupcake and lick the icing all off!  Yes it was cream cheese icing but it was a carrot cupcake perfect for cream cheese icing.  I really need the Sanctuary now!

If you remember a few days ago I won a half day pass for the Sanctuary and today is the only day I can use it as it is only good for this voyage.  It is chilly out but the sun is out so we both head up to the Sanctuary.  Now both of us usually are fans of the Sanctuary and normally take advantage of it at least three times on most Caribbean voyages if not more but we had not been up there this voyage at all.  We are met by a lovely attendant and we pick two chairs (many have been taken and reserved for the entire voyage but there were still quite a few available – not you can book for the entire voyage at a rate of $15 per day for every day).  She sets up our towels gets us each a blanket too. 

Then that is the end of the service.  To the point that an hour after sitting there with no offer of water, or asking if want to see a menu or if want a drink I finally get up and head to a bar and buy two drinks and carry them back.  Bernie gets up and asks for a menu and places an order for chips and salsa, turkey wrap, and the fruit kebabs (note there is a $3 fee per person for food delivery, not a problem and well earned I say).  But the food comes and we get the turkey wrap and fruit kebabs but the chips and salsa is not delivered instead we get a Caesar wrap which was not what we wanted and not good.  I would of told him that it is wrong but they disappeared and I just couldn’t be bothered anymore.  The plates sat there (with the Caesar wrap still there) for 45 minutes until I flagged someone down to come take the plates away.  Again still no offer of water or drinks.  This really saddens me, we love the Sanctuary normally but the last time we used the Sanctuary on the Emerald we had poor service and today’s experience was so bad we are really not wanting to do it again.  Thankfully we didn’t have to pay the fee to use the place.  So far this trip the Spa area has really let us down big time.

We head in and go to the Atrium to grab a latte and tea (Bernie loves the new tea they have now) and the hot cookies and milk are served.  Yum.

We are meeting up with some friends tonight for drinks at 7 in Vines and the dinner menu tonight is Landfall Menu and there are a few new items. 

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