Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day at sea

I should first respond to last night’s dinner, which was Italian menu.  Yes the menus have changed slightly, first the Italian night did not have the eggplant ptarmigan but they do have other items one of which was a lovely lychee and watermelon salad.  Very good.  I had the chicken as my entrée with cheese and sage under the prochuto ham. 


Somehow we started drawing a crowd of waiters, all wanting to show us their latest card trick.  One after the other came by and dazzled us with their talents.  It was fun and we were entertained for over a half hour.  Also Pietro the Head Waiter was standing by the pasta station and signing and performing all night.  I will post the video once I get home.


Bernie went up on deck to watch the Hunger Games under the stars and I went back to the cabin and watch “What to Expect When You are Expecting”. 


Today is a busy day we start out with a bridge tour, this is not something we asked for but were very happy to have been invited.  I have been to the bridge about four times now but this is Bernie’s first time.  My favorite part was standing over the wings and looking down at the ocean.


We relax for a few hours by attending the culinary show, by playing Sudoku and reading.  I also should state that yesterday I won a half day pass for the Sanctuary thru the morning show.  I will probably take advantage of it on the last sea day.


At noon we attend the Most Travelled Luncheon, we are sat at Peter and Pippa’s table (at our request).  The menu consisted of Spinach Soufflé, Alaskan Salmon that was stuffed with cheddar cheese and wrapped with bacon, or Herbs Crusted Lamb Loin enhanced by a mint lamb jus and for dessert Delizia al Limocello.  I had the salmon and Bernie had the Lam, both were excellent but I couldn’t finish the salmon it was that big.  We were so happy to see Jesus and Rosa at our table, we sailed with them in Feb/March to South America and sat with them at the luncheon on that sailing too.


We decide this afternoon we have to head back to the gym, our promise was to go to the gym every sea day so we have to go.  It is quieter this afternoon and we have no problem getting on the machines we want.  I sadly still have to say that the gym is not being kept as clean as it should, again they ran out of towels and the spa washroom was very dirty.  It is used by a lot of people on the pool deck and Sanctuary and the floor is wet in the washroom stalls and paper towel scattered the floor.  What was very sad is they had just come in to clean when I was coming in but it sure didn’t look like anything was done.  One area that I would have to say I am disappointed in is the spa/gym and washroom cleanliness.  And for those that know me I don’t criticize much.


Back in the cabin and we both throw on our swim suits and head to the Sun deck just behind the Sanctuary it is 3 pm and we lay out for two hours reading and dozing.


It is formal night tonight and lots going on around the ship.  Tonight there are two Captain Circle Parties, but we are attending the one tomorrow night.  We decide to dress up and head to dinner relatively early.  Yes lobster is still on the menu but we opt for a lighter meal since we had such a big lunch.  I start with the escargot (actually I just had the butter sauce – Bernie ate my escargot) then I had a new item, apple goat cheese soup with grape tempura (award wining item) and it is SOOOOO good.  For dinner we both opt for the small portion of the veal ravioli and it is just right.  For dessert I have the vanilla crème Brule and Bernie has the citrus soufflé. 


We head to Explorer’s Lounge for music trivia and suck again but head to Vista Lounge afterwards for the Marriage Game Show aka The Newlywed and Not So Newlywed Game Show.  We actually are drawn to go up on stage!  Bernie is going to kill me for putting our names ins.  But that is what he gets for going to the washroom.  We had a good time and lots of laughs.  We all won a prize – Princess reversible bag and two water bottles.


We are tired – no nap today and head back to the cabin.  Big Mistake as British Invasion is performing their last show and well as you all know our cabin is directly above the stage and we can hear everything and sing a long to the songs.  We wish they would carve out a trap door so we can see at least.  It is annoying and sure hope that they can move us for the next leg to anything away from the theater!  I think Princess shouldn’t even sell these cabins – I would be embarrassed to put passengers in here.


Clocks go back an hour tonight as we are pulling into San Diego tomorrow.  We all have to clear customs tomorrow and we are assigned a location and a time to meet with passports as this is our first US port after being in Mexico.

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  1. So excited...Star Princess tomorrow....Hawaii here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA!! First timer!