Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Third Sea Day

Jasper hangs out in the displays in Facets

hello Ryan! 
Weather is not as nice coming back as it was going, very wind, moderate waves and cooler.  You can still wear shorts and t-shirts but I wouldn’t say it is sun bathing weather.

Since the clocks went forward again last night we wake and the clock shows 9 am!  We decide to just head down to the International Café for coffee and pastries and I take part in the Sudoku challenge at 9:45 (came in second) and I then get a ticket for the ribbon Lei Making – trust me that line is long and for some reason they decide to hand out the tickets in the Atrium so the line snakes all around the tables and it is noisy.  Personally I think they should move this ticket handout elsewhere like down by the aft in front of vista where people normally line up for the bingo tickets.

We head to the Princess theater for Mark Harris’ talk on Oceanography and see that the theater is empty, hmmm must have the time wrong so we head back to the Atrium and check the patter and sure enough it is an hour from now at 11, not 10.

We do make it back to catch his show and Bernie really enjoyed it but I found it a little dull, I rather learn about whales, dolphins, fish etc.  Tomorrow’s show is on turtles so I am happy about that.  We have really enjoyed Mark’s lectures, in fact we rarely attend this many lectures by one person but his shows are informative, funny, great pictures and about a half hour, enough to keep our attention.

I forgot to mention the exact number of days the most travelled had well he is on the front page of the Patter and it is Mr. George Feiwel with 1201 days at sea with Princess.  Wow!

Pippa the Future Cruise Consultant is very very busy – lots of people wanting to get the future cruise deposits in and bookings made. 

Still missing the socks, it has been two days and our cabin steward Ivonne has not come to us with any information so this evening we track her down and ask.  She states that the laundry can’t locate the missing socks.  I ask her what the next step is and she says she will have her boss contact us.  One thing I have found that when there has been some issues on board it seems we have to keep pushing the matter (as it seems they just wish it would go away) to get an answer, no one is forthcoming. 

Lunch is in the dining room again, and I start with the broth soup with Matzo balls, and then for my entrée I have the chicken Korma again and it is so good… love it!  I have the rice pudding for dessert and a nice cup of tea. 

We run into Mark the lecturer and chat with him for quite awhile, then we run into Anna a lady we met and chat with her for quite awhile.  Around 2:45 we are back in the cabin and we both feel the need for a short nap.  We sleep for about an hour and then head to the Atrium where Frank (Bartender Supervisor – who we met last Feb on board) is entertaining everyone with his Hawaiian Ukulele Music and singing.  Very nice.

I want to get to the gym this afternoon and head up and it is relatively quiet, seems to be more crew working out than passengers.  No issue with getting a machine.

Lots of things going on around the ship today:  Ukulele Workshop, Movie The Hunger Games, ballroom Blitz Dance Lessons – Cha Cha, golf putting contest, Bingo, Peer Factor, Trivia, Line Dance Class.  Tonight:  Indigo Light String Quartet, Maxman Duo, Big Band Sounds, Vocal Impressionist Michael Wilson, Who Sang What Trivia, A Night of Cabaret with Pianist Eric Stone, Vocal Impressionist Michael Wilson, The Quest in Explorer’s, and the MUTS is showing The Avengers.

Tonight is Italian Night (one of my favorites) the dress is Smart Casual.

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