Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Third Day at Sea of Four

Clocks went back another hour so it is so great to wake up and see I can sleep longer.   We like our cabin but would NEVER book it, directly above is the Lido deck and there are tables with chairs above and it seems people love to drag the chairs well I don’t blame them.  To sit down you do have to drag them, but it drags right on steel and that sound carries down to us!  We are not as bad as other cabins further down Aloha who have tables on both sides of them.  I did mention to the Purser’s desk if there is something they can do and they have agreed to lay a matt down (sort of indoor/outdoor rug) that is large enough to cover two tables.  This does help but still not perfect.  Just remember this if you ever book a cabin below the Lido deck.  I am just glad we never paid for this higher cabin.

We head down for breakfast just after 7 and the ship is quiet!   We wander around a bit, and at 9 am I head to the Vista to see Peter give his little speech about the Loyalty program.  Wow a lot of people attend and I overhear great feedback.  Pippa follows with her talk about the Future Cruise options.  Love their comment, Peter will deal with your Past, the Captain with your Current, and Pippa with your Future.

9:45 is Sudoku and well my streak is broken I came in fourth, it had to happen sooner or later.  At 10 I head up on deck to watch 50 First Dates on MUTS, this is not something I would normally do as I don’t care for MUTS during the day and it is busy on deck but I did enjoy it.  But really what is with people.  I had my lounge chair a foot from the railing but people still insteaded in walking past me between me and the railing when there was at least six feet behind me.  People are Weird.

Okay since I am venting another thing is if you are walking don’t just STOP there are people behind you that are moving too.  Okay I am done venting.

For lunch we head to the dining room – something we haven’t done since the very first sea day on the ship.  We start with the tortilla soup  and then pork gyros, both were very good.

I want to get a workout in and the gym is relatively quiet and both us manage to sweat off a few drinks. 

I decide I want to try the Sommelier Wine Club which is being held in the Amalfi Dining room at 3.  The cost is $25 (but I do have a $5 off from my coupon book) I am sat with four others and we are tasting the following wines:  Heidsieck & Co. Monopole Blue top from France; Silverado Sauvignon Blanc from US; Laboure Roi Pouilly – Fuisse from France; Ferrari Carano Merlot from US; Don Melchor Cabernet Sauvignon, Puente Alto from Chile; and Luce della Vite, from Italy. 

Normally I try to avoid the regular wine tasting (even though I get a free invite with elite benefits) but it had been a while since I had done the Sommelier one and some of the wines interested me.  I did enjoy the wines, I did enjoy the canap├ęs, I did enjoy the company from my table…. But it was too long, the Head Waiter who discussed the red wines talked forever and he seemed to be annoyed when people were chatting amongst themselves at their tables.  He went on for almost a half hour discussing three wines!   This is my thought that it should have been shorter and more to the point but others may of like the time spent on each wine. 

4:30 was the elevator roulette now for those of you who have never done it well it is a hoot.  No sense describing it here just promise me you will try it next time you see it on the Patter.  And guess what I did end up winning, I won a pen, carabeener and a small key chain flashlight, but I don’t care about the prizes and gave them all away to the other runner ups.

I am back in the cabin, neither of us really feel like going to the dining room tonight.  You see these two gentlemen got on board who we seem to run into constantly and they are kind of pompous.  They have the table reserved right near us and so we eat right beside them at breakfast, and then lunch today and often dinner too.  Today all we heard was remember how great the voyage was on Sitmar, on Queen E, on Silverseas etc etc and we smiled and Bernie said to me “remember how great the voyage was that we took on the Arc!” hope they heard and got the point.  I know I am being tough but really you sound like you are bragging constantly.  And I just can’t compete.

So tonight I don’t know what is on the itinerary for us.  Who sang what is in explorers with Liar’s Club after that and Movies Under the Stars is showing The Lucky One.  Tune in tomorrow to find out what we did. 

We have a busy day tomorrow, the Most Travelled Luncheon is tomorrow, then both of us are going to be in the fashion show.

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