Monday, October 8, 2012

Crown Grill – aka YUM

We dropped off a bottle of champagne to be put on ice for us and walked around on promenade to see what was happening.  A stop in Crooners to people watch and a drink and a chance to catch up on the day.

Dinner reservations were for 7:30 and we are sat at a nice booth where we can easily chat with Peter and Pippa.  We enjoy the champagne and Pedro the Assistant Maitre d opens the bottle for us and we all toast another great voyage and great friends.

I start with the Black and Blue Onion then the Goat Cheese with Heirloom Tomatoes, then for my entrée I have the 8 oz filet mignon with the garlic fries (for you Sue) and of course for dessert the molten chocolate cake.  Ricardo served us again – have to say one of the best waiters I have ever had in the Crown Grill. 

Dinner took over 2.5 hours but that is because we dragged it out because of the great company and food and service.

It is now just after 10 and the comedian Tom McTigue is performing in the Princess Theater, we pop in for a few minutes but I guess I would describe his humour as toilet humour, things young boys joke about.  He is going on about old men’s toe nails comparing them to Fritos, but they don’t taste like Fritos.  Really – this is funny, apparently not because I hear more groans than laughs.  We leave glad we only had to endure about five minutes of it.

Back to the cabin, no time change tonight (but will happen tomorrow) as we curl up in bed to another great night on board the Star Princess.

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  1. Were the Garlic Fries as delicious as they always are Vickie? Thank you for having some for me!