Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jan 26 - Aruba

Aruba - Fourth Time in One Year is a Charm

Of course Aruba is beautiful, and so many people love it, but it isn't one of our favorite places. Too flat, too busy, too expensive, but the beaches are beautiful! So since this is our last port we are going to head ashore and head to Eagle Beach. We get to the bus terminal and board the bus and low and behold many of our friends are on board.

It is very very easy to take the local transit bus to the beaches here. Walk to the terminal and catch the bus that is heading to the hotel zone, I believe it is the #10 bus. You can buy a return ticket or one way only. Lots of people on board will help you with where to get off if necessary. We decide to head to Eagle Beach. We cross the street to the beach and rent a chair and order a drink and relax. The water is beautiful, the weather is fabulous and we are on vacation!

Allan checks out a makeshift swing

Brian and Bernie

check out this beach!

We don't spend too much time at the beach, maybe 2.5 hours. The winds are strong, which is common in Aruba. We want to go into town and buy a few things so we head back for a quick shower. Bernie wants more champagne and I want to buy some Aloe Vera (there is a large Aloe Factory here). My recommendation is to buy the Aloe Vera at the grocery store in town, large selection and about $2 cheaper than in the kiosk in the Mall.
We get our espresso and a nice chocolate and people watch for a while. We run into some friends and check out some stores and finally decide it is time to get back on board the ship, but that means the cruise is coming to an end, only two more sea days then were are off! All good things must come to an end.
Tonight is the German themed buffet and Bill and Cathy meet up with us and we head to dinner in the Horizon Court for a great meal.
We now have two sea days and then we are on our way home, it has been a great trip, will miss everyone but it has been a great trip

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