Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No More Crusining - RIGHT

After the two cruises in January both Bernie and I decided that we would put cruise travel on hold for the year.

However with a week's vacation coming up in May we both started surfing checking out cruises that could fit in. Unfortunately it appeared that many of the repositioning cruises from California to Vancouver happened the week prior. Oh well, another reason not to cruise.

Until the price dropped on a five day leaving Los Angeles in May. The price was just too good to pass up $322 (coming from my lovely husband Bernie).... I still wanted to wait, still wasn't sure if we should book something, we had made the promise, remember. Bernie was in shock, I never turn down a cruise. But I will admit, my experience with booking this itinerary told me the price may come down again.

Guess what it did come down again. A few days later as I surfed http://www.bestpricecruises.com/ our favorite online agency for cruising I saw the price had come down to $279 so I booked. A week later the price had dropped again to $236, but I was happy with the price I got.

So the cruise is booked LA to Vancouver, then come home for one day and then sail a one day Vancouver to Seattle for $50. So this would enable us to drive down to Seattle park the car, fly one way to Los Angeles and then sail back to Seattle and pick up the car.

We got one way flights to Los Angeles with Jet Blue and a hotel is booked for Long Beach the night before thru Priceline.com ended up getting the Hyatt Regency Long Beach for $60.

So total 2 cruises, Stock On Board Credit of $50 for each sailing, 2 cruise credits (enabling us to get $25 each on board credit for all future cruises - because this will be cruise 19 and 20), all for$329 each, plus the $50 credit, so really the cost is $279 for six days.


  1. Fantastic Vickie,
    I sure wish I was as informed as you are. I love cruising and Princess is my line. I have not sailed with any other but I love Princess and have just reached Platinum so I will be staying for sure.
    What ship are you on in May and what are the dates. I would love to squeeze that trip in.
    Thanks and Keep Blogging

  2. Vickie, Are you on the Coral Princess leaving May 6th?

    I love your blog btw :-)


  3. We are on the Golden Princess May 9, and the price has just dropped

  4. Nothing beats the 'new math' to justify the cost of a cruise!