Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jan 12th - Roatan Hondrus

Roatan Honduras - Beach Day or Not?

We wake up and check out the beautiful scenery.... we have never been to Honduras and are quite excited. We grab a tea and sit on the balcony because coming into this channel is quite tricky. Heck driving my bus thru this channel would be difficult but not only does the pilot want a to maneuver this channel they want to do it backing in.

The weather is a little iffy, it isn't rain "yet" but it is rather warm, well at least for us it is. The Carnival Dream is in port and we manage to back in within a few feet of the bow of the Dream. Truly amazing.

See how close we are!

Mahogany Bay is a new venue for Carnival Cruise Lines. All of the ships under Carnival Dock here. It has just recently opened and it reminds me a lot of Grand Turk's Carnival Port. We can hear the music starting from the bars.... Phat Tuesday is the one that everyone is flocking to.

Here is a shot of the new beach area

This is the new chairlift that was built that transport passengers from the pier to the beach area. The cost is $5 per person for unlimited rides, but the walk is only about 10 minutes and quite an easy walk.

Bernie and Larry jump right in, the water is warmer than the air.

Richard and Anita relax on the loungers beside the water, but they feel it is too cool to go in for a dip. But the smile is still there.

We relaxed at the beach for a few hours, but the weather was not cooperating. We would of loved to have relaxed and had a few beverages and lunch but we got cold when we came out of the water and the sun was just not strong enough to dry us off.

Back to the ship to shower and grab a bite to eat and then back ashore to check out the port. With the Dream in port the place is busy! Lots of parties, and that means a lot of drunk people! Not sure what ship they were from but they certainly caused me to spend less time around the port because of their obnoxious, rude behaviour.

We did come across a lovely stall that sold completely green items, we bought three t-shirts and had a lovely chat with her. I will try and find her business card and add the link.

The stores were just too crowded and we really didn't need to buy anything so back onto the ship and relaxation, gee sounds like we are so stressed and need to relax but you know walking to the beach and thru stores can be very very tiring.

Tonight we invited Larry and Amy and Richard and Anita over for a drink to toast our friendship and our cruise.

Cruising isn't just where you go but who you go with and the people you meet. Bernie and I have been blessed to meet some wonderful people while sailing and have been even luckier to sail with them again.

Tonight is the Island Deck Party but we are too tired to head up and just read and watched movies in the room and were asleep early.

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