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Jan 22 - St. Thomas

A Day at Sea and a Day in St. Thomas

ahhhhh a sea day, I ventured to the Sanctuary for the day and Bernie went and watched Star Trek movie and relaxation was in order. Tonight is a formal night, but we didn't bring formal wear so we are going to do dinner in the Horizon Court.

Movies Under the Stars

Tonight when we come back to our cabin there are some lovely chocolate covered strawberries and canapes from the Passenger Service Director of the Crown Claudio, ah how sweet. We munch down the canapes but decide to call up Bill and Cathy and see if they are interested in some strawberries and champagne.

Now this is what cruising is all about

St. Thomas today, and we wake up and we are pulling into Crown Bay which we are happy about as we want to head over to Water Island and the ferry is right at Crown Bay. Here is a shot of Crown Bay from our balcony. Many of the stores you find in town are also found at Crown Bay so there is no need to head into busy Charlotte Amalie. A.H. Rise has great price on booze, just a hint.

We head down to the Piazza and have some coffee and pastries, love that the International Cafe now has a egg mcmuffin type of sandwich as well as fruit and yogurt as well as Muslix, great for a quick bite to eat in the morning. Oh I should also mention the gelato which is available on the Ruby.

We decide to catch the 10:30 am ferry, price is $5 each person each way. Ferries run throughout the day and are about a 10 minute crossing. But with good friends it goes by really fast.

Jerry and Rose on the Ferry

Vickie & Bernie on the ferry

Bill and Cathy on the ferry, see Bill is all ready trying out the local beer.

Once you dock head up the hill and then turn right and head down the hill to Honeymoon Bay beach. In total there were maybe 5o people here, very quite.

we went to the store prior to getting on the ferry and bought some beer to drink on the beach.

See how quiet it was!

Heidi's Honeymoon Cantina sets up for a bite to eat. I certainly can recommend the food.

Rose gets fresh again.

Here we are really working hard. I purchased some air mattresses at Wallgreens prior to getting on the ship for $5 and was able to relax and enjoy the beach even more. But be careful the sun is very very strong.

We decided to head back to the ship by catching the 3 pm ferry. We all head up the hill and down the other side to wait for the ferry, what a view from the pier. You can see how close we are to the ship.

While waiting for the ferry, notice all the books, this is the island's free library, cool!

We head back onto the ship and shower and relax. We are heading back up to Skywalkers for cocktails and finger foods.
here is a sample of some of the appetizers that they give in the Platinum/Elite lounge

We are eating in the dining room tonight with friends, Jerry has arranged for escargot to be served and yum yum yum. Had a great meal of fish on risotto and the company was even better.
Escargot all eaten up!

After dinner we decide to head to Explorer's lounge with Jerry and Rose. Tonight there are two events there, Majority Rules and Peer Factor, we decided to stay for both and have lots of laughs as we form a team in Majority Rules with Jerry being our runner and the answers we gave were well all I can say is interesting and were quite funny.

Just a little Margarita

Rose gives up and sings!

Next up is Peer Factor, similar to Fear Factor but they have audience members perform certain tasks. I talk Jerry into going up with me. I was lucky I had to be a blackjack dealer and shuffle and deal out the cards and collect chips. Jerry's activity was a little funnier. He had to put on boxing gloves and then quickly try and put on pairs of underwear from a clothing line. Here the staff help him out.

The finale was the Princess Dancers came out and we were shown a few steps and then told we had to perform with them. Here I am in the River Dance performance, not very easy but lots of fun. We were given a t-shirt that said Peer Factor.

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