Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jan 25 - Curaçao

Curaçao or So We Thought

When we originally booked this trip we were quite excited because it was originally scheduled to go to Bonaire, one of our favorite places, especially for snorkeling. However about six months prior to the trip Princess changed the itinerary and replaced Bonaire for Curaçao. We were disappointed but well what can you do. We like Curaçao and today our thoughts were to head to Kon Tiki Beach and just relax.

The morning starts out normal, we are sitting in the Piazza enjoying our latte and breakfast items and we both notice that we should be docking, but we seem to be going away from the island. Shortly the Captain comes on the speaker to announce unfortunately because of high winds were are not able to dock safely at the pier. Of course we hear grumblings all around us, but we discuss our options with our friends.

We call up Mike and Sue and head over to check out their suite and the large balcony, and of course some wine, made only better because of the company.

beautiful aft balcony with a view of the wake and doesn't Bernie look relaxed

large balcony in this suite, with lovely teak furniture

After wine with Mike and Sue we head back to the cabin and run into Bill and Cathy and we decide to order some room service and sit out on their deck, and of course more wine. We also think what a great opportunity to get together with many of our Cruise Critic friends and we plan for an informal gathering on the Sun deck behind Sabatinis for 5 pm. We advise people to bring wine/champagne. We had quite a large turnout for this impromptu gathering. A few of us head up to Skywalkers to grab some sushi and finger foods to share.

More champagne!

Only a few bottles were consumed, NOT

I had to settle for a soda because well the effects of drinking all day were getting to me

Some of the finger foods we got to share

What a fun day. I wrote on my live thread about our great day and what we did, and apparently the Captain reads the live threads on Cruisecritic because the next day we ran into Capatin Yeomans and he said "man if I would of known cancelling a port would end up being so great for our passengers I would of done it sooner".

Can't you see the bliss on my face!

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