Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jan 15 - Princess Cays

Princess Cays Jan 15

Before I get into the lovely day we had at Princess Cays I should comment on the sea day we had yesterday. I love sea days, spent the day with my latte or two, heck there may of even have been a third. Bernie kept trying his hand at trivia and shuffled from game to game. I read my Kindle enjoying the book "The Help". In the afternoon we arranged to have afternoon tea (an Elite perk) delivered to the cabin. We ordered tea for 3 and it served 5 easily with leftovers. Anita, Larry and Amy came over and we feasted on scones, sandwiches, cookies and washed it down with a variety of teas.

On the 15th we are pulling into the bay and we can see Princess Cays in the distance. It looks like a nice day and the weather is great - best so far. The four of us head off to the tender first thing and I think we are in the first tender.

You can see we are one of the first groups here and the beach is deserted. I know a lot of people don't always get off the ship when they arrive at Princess Cays, and in fact we use to just stay on the ship and enjoy the ship. But lately we have been getting off and we now love Princess Cays.

As soon as we get off the tender we head to the left, we walk past the bars, the shops, the barbecue, the children's area to the quieter area right in front of the cabanas that they rent out. Currently they were renting them out for $200, they can accommodate 6, they are about 12 x 12 with a round table. There is air conditioning, a small deck and some lounge chairs reserved for the cabana, but everyone walks right in front of your cabana along the walkway. So I don't think I would ever get one. But I could see if you were older and couldn't handle the heat the AC might be necessary.

Cabanas you can rent

We usually go to the left of this shot, right beside the water. It is quiet and usually we have no issues with crowds or noise. There is a washroom nearby, a bar and the barbecue isn't too far away.

You can see the dock just ahead (where the palapa roof is) - that is where there is good snorkeling there.

This huge moth was in the washroom... very pretty about five inches long.

Here is one of the main beach areas, this is at the busiest time.

Some of the sporting items you can rent while ashore.

Anita and Richard find us and we relax and snorkel, swim and enjoy a few drinks. This is why I vacation.

Poor Bernie gets attacked by two women.

Larry feels left out and goes in for smooch too.

These mango drinks are to die for and apparently good for you.
We really enjoyed the day here today, but it is time to get back to the ship. It is our last night on the beautiful Crown. Time to pack up. Bernie pulled out the bags and we filled them up quickly and put them out.
We ended up having dinner in Cafe Caribe and then went to Club Vista for Movie Poster Trivia, where they put up a movie poster on the screen and you had to guess the movie. We won! Thankfully we were paired up with another couple who was younger and really into movies, and we provided the "older person" point of view, scary we are considered "older", but who cares we won. We stayed around and participated in the Liar's Club but didn't fare as well at that.

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