Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jan 13th - Cozumel


What I think I see sun! Bernie and I jump out of bed to the knock of room service and decide this is the time to enjoy breakfast on the deck. Larry and Amy are all ready up and Larry is eager to go ashore, so he heads out to check a few things out.

We are docked just south of the City at Puerta Maya Pier, it is about a $7 taxi ride to town but there are lots of things to see and do at the pier without having to go into town.

Cozumel is an island 30 miles long and 9 miles wide with a population of 67,000. Its history is linked to the Mayan civilization. The island is approximately 12 miles from the mainland—off Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. It is 36 miles south of Cancun.

There are three other ships in port with us, and there are five others in town so Cozumel is going to be crazy. But we prepared for that. Larry got in touch with a work contact who is providing day passes for all of us at Intercontinental Hotel, here is their link

We grabbed a taxi from the pier to the hotel and check in. The hotel is providing a day room for us to use. Which came in handy after swimming in the ocean for a quick shower. The hotel is gorgeous and would love to stay here for a few days. But after checking out the prices, cruising is more affordable.

Anita and I at the resort's lobby.

nice beds, so we had to try it

beautiful beach area

hammocks throughout the resort, just had to try it

the resort's pool

the beach is beautiful and very quiet, a hard to thing to have today with all the ships in port

lunch at the restaurant, these are chicken tostadas

We stayed until around 2pm and then decided to head back to pier. Bernie wanted to check out some of the stores for some souvenirs for his family. We also bought our necessary Christmas decorations from this trip.

The walk back to the pier can be a long one especially if you have had a few drinks, and trust me we have seen quite a few intoxicated people. We followed a few back to ship and were praying, hope they are not getting on our ship, and nope they got on the Carnival ship.

Our ship right next to the Carnival ship.
Tonight we had dinner in the Crown Grill. On Princess there are two alternate restaurants to choose from. Sabatinis has a $20 cover charge and the Crown Grill has a $25 cover charge. I know many don't like to pay for food when there are so many options for free food; but we find for a nominal charge it is nice to try something different and special. Tonight we are dining with Larry and Amy in a very nice setting. Looks like most upscale steak houses and the crew were top notch.
Tonight I ordered the onion soup, and the lobster, Bernie had the lamb and it was all so good. For dessert we had the trio of desserts which were very good but the best was the chocolate molten dessert. Larry was smart he ordered the full serving of the dessert. I will do that the next time.
We are stuffed, so we walk around because we can't go to bed this early with full stomachs.
I want to see the Hypnotist Joshua Seth, but Bernie isn't really interested so we go our own ways, he goes to watch a movie and I go watch the hypnotist, I think I joined Larry and Amy. Joshua was good, but I have seen better. Lots of good laughs.

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