Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jan 20 - Princess Cays Again

Oh a Beach Day

We are in Princess Cays today.... oh nothing better than a private beach in the Bahamas. Unfortunately I loaded the pictures backwards so I will start out talking about what we did in the afternoon after Princess Cays.

The Cruisecritic gathering was arranged by Karen, with Cameron doing name tags, and Paul hosting the gift exchange. The event was held at 4:30 today and I had sent out invitations to many of the crew, for which I was quite pleased to see so many attend, including Captain Yeomans.

At the gathering we introduced ourselves and shared stories, and then had the Captain say a few words, and a few of the other officers spoke as well.

Was so happy to see Chef Joel again - we originally sailed with him on the Emerald. Since the last time we sailed Joel has married and is hoping to start a family soon.

Captain Tony Yeomans, just back from a relaxing vacation of shoveling snow in Britain.

Fellow Cruisecritic member Rick, letting us all know that is officially a "Blue Carder"

We had organized a gift exchange for everyone to participate in if they wished. With a maximum of $10 per gift and having it reflect your home the gifts were interesting and quite imaginative. We brought some items representing the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games coming up. The mittens were a hot commodity. With the option of stealing a gift when your name is picked caused Allan to loose the mittens but Cathy.

Allan smiling when he got the mittens, but it was short lived.

Cathy ended up getting the mittens in the end.
Now to get back to the stop at Princess Cays. We slowly pulled up towards the island and the day is beautiful. We get our stuff together and head down to get ready for the tender. We got on the second tender and headed in the same direction as last week, all the way in front of the bungalows. It was actually quieter here than last week. Bill and Cathy were all ready there and we got lounges together.

This is the area we usually get lounges - right in front of the colored bungalows.

Check out the abundance of water sports you can do.

Jerry and Rose found us and the gang was together again. Here Rose poses with Bernie.

Bernie brought some fish food again (cereal) and we went in for some snorkeling. Fish were in abundance. The water was very nice and we absolutely loved it.

We got a bite to eat at the buffet barbecue. The norwalk precautions have been carried to the island too, so the lines are longer as the staff have to hand you everything and serve you everything. It is a bit of a pain but necessary. Loved the burgers, chicken, ribs, slaw... yum.

I bought a few items from the gift shop, so handy to just pay with your cruise card here. We catch the tender back around 3 pm and shower and get ready for the afternoon fun.

Panoramic shot of Princess Cays from the ship.
After the meet and greet we went to Karen/Allan's cabin for some wine and some laughs. Then we went to Skywalkers for Platinum/Elite get together that they have every night with a drink special and special appetizer. But we were kind of surprised to see that you had to check in (why not just show your cruise card) and once we were told you had to be dressed in the evening attire (formal, dress formally, ie no shorts etc) which we noticed was relaxed as the cruise went on. The drink specials are nice but we did find that the staff were run off their feet and on few occasions the drinks were not what we liked. The appetizers were a nice treat, but again to get ready early to get a drink was not usually in our schedule. I believe we ended up having dinner in the Horizon Court tonight because we just were not up to eating in the dining room.

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