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May 23 Back to Reality - What do you mean I have to cook

Back in Seattle

Yup the trip is over, all good things must come to an end. We aren't really in any rush to get off, our shuttle isn't picking us up until 10:30.

We get our final bill at our door, and once again there is another error. Seems that we keep getting charges from other people. You see when you buy something on board, no matter what, you show your card and they write your folio number down and enter that into the computer. On three occasions our number is entered and each time we have to go down to the pursers' desk and ask them to pull the bill and it is obvious that it is not our signature. This last charge is funny because it is from the night prior, from Skywalkers at 9:15 --- and we weren't even on the ship at that time, we were still in Victoria.

We eat a last breakfast in the Horizon Court, and gather our stuff and head to the Dining Room -- our gathering place for Platinum Members waiting for our time to disembark.

We find Paul and Yvonne, and short…

May 22 Beatuiful Victoria

Last Day - But Victoria First
We sleep in and have a relaxing morning. Bernie goes down to the duty free to pick up some booze! Love the fact we are just driving home, so we stock up.

Today we are attending a get together that Richard, the Cruise Director has organized for the Cruise Critic group to meet the officers. We all gather in the Wheelhouse bar at 11, where a few of the officers are in attendance.

Bernie and Claudio the Passenger Services Director

Me with Marilyn from Cruise Critic, a wealth of information!

Claudio with two lovely ladies.

Adam the Assistant Cruise Director

Karin and I with Captain Foster

Here is Richard with his new feather boa as a reminder of us.

Jerry and his new hat. It was good for a laugh

We say goodbye to Jose, till the next time.

We weren't getting into Victoria until later, around 7 pm and neither of us felt like dressing up and heading to the dining room so we went up to the Horizon Court for a quick meal. Up there we ran into Jeanie and Harry a…

May 21 Ketchikan


We are up early and it doesn't look that nice out. In fact it looks like it could rain. So off we go with our rain gear on, note first time we have used it.

We both decided to just head out on our own and wander the streets. No set plans, mainly picture taking for me, Bernie not sure, just make me happy I guess.

It is a pretty town, the locals are very friendly, and the people are busy selling tours and bus trips. But we are not really interested. We are only here for the morning and since it looks like it could rain we stay close to the pier.

We run into Claudio and he recommends a good espresso place just around the corner, so you know where we are headed. After our coffee and taking some shots. The rain starts, lightly at first but then it really starts to come down. Bernie is tired so he heads back to the ship. I still want to wander so I head out and check out things.

I walk into a beautiful pottery shop and purchase a lovely bowl as a souvenir. Unfortunately …