Tuesday, June 5, 2018

1,000th Blog! This is the reason I do this!

Today's blog marks my 1,000th blog.

When I first started to blog back in 2009 I thought it was a good way to journal my trips and to have my friends and family follow along. 

My first blog can be found here from Jan of 2009.

Boy I look so young!  

I had no idea the blog would grow the way it has.  As of today I have had 873,000 views!  

Some days it is a chore to write, especially when I am tired or there is so much to write I just don't want to start.

But when I do start writing it just flows and it is fun to write.

Although 90% of the time I really look forward to writing about our days travelling and sharing.

I am proud that I have kept it going.  So many blogs I have followed over the years have stopped suddenly when they loose interest.  I am proud I kept writing. 

Today we are in Sault Ste Marie Ontario.  Friends Dave and Pat Deatrick who live just across the border came over to the Canadian side and met us for dinner.

We first met Dave and Pat on a cruise many years ago and have kept in touch. They both are so helpful in sharing pictures of ports/ships and offering advice on my Facebook page.  

Seeing them both tonight it is like no time has passed and the conversation does not stop during the whole meal.  

The gifts we have been given in the way of friendships because of our travels is the reason we keep doing it.

Thanks again Dave and Pat for a lovely evening.

And thank you all for following my blog and reading, commenting and sharing.  

Thank you to all the people who have been a part of our travel lives.  We feel honoured to have you our lives and a true blessing.

It truly has been a pleasure.  Here is to the next 1,000 blogs!

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