Monday, June 4, 2018

3 Weeks in the Car - A Review On or If We are Surviving

Wow we have been on the road for 3 weeks now!  It doesn't feel like three weeks, and in some ways it does feel like three weeks.

The good news - we are still married.  Actually it is going better than I had imagined.  We have talked a lot, about so much, and it is amazing that even after 28 years of knowing each other we still learn new things about the other.  

Things we have noticed in the three weeks:

  • Trapped in a steel box for hours on end can get to you
  • Patience is important ALL THE TIME
  • Not to jump to conclusions  
  • Talking out what and where we want to go all the time.  Whether it is where to stop to use a washroom, stop for a meal or even how long to stay in a place.  Usually I want to stay longer and Bernie less.  When we disagree we debate the issue and then Bernie figures out I am right - "laughing" - just kidding sometimes he is right too.  When that happens I will let you know.
  • Packing was very important and we have done very well with this.  We each have one suitcase for clothes, one small roller bag for all our toiletries (shampoo /conditioner/drugs/blow dryer/etc), and the cooler.  All this goes in the back seat.  The stuff in the trunk are items we don't need that we packed to take home. But we do have two pillows, some food items in a bag, a box with items we occasionally need like binoculars, toilet paper for those emergency stops, bug spray, sunscreen, small blanket.  Each night we bring in all that is in the back seat and the pillows, the rest stays in the car.
  • Being organized is really key.  Packing items back in "their" spot so we know where it is later.
  • Planning a little - we like to know where we are staying each night prior to arrival.  We look at accommodations and pre-book.  We also look up what to do and see in each place prior to arrival and talk about it.  
  • Booking accommodations - usually we stay at a hotel if it is just for one or two nights.  If  three nights or longer we look at Airbnb.  Reason we don't use Airbnb for shorter stays is many places have a minimum stay and the fee for cleaning and booking add up and it is often not cost effective for one or two nights.  But anything longer it is much much cheaper to do Airbnb and more comfortable.
  • Life is too short to get stressed out over the minor problems.  When things do not work out exactly as you had planned get over it quickly.
  • Arranging for some home cooked meals really helps.  We have all the necessary items for our breakfasts and often eat at our Airbnb.  Most of the hotels we have stayed at included breakfast.  We try to make a dinner at least once while staying at an Airbnb.
  • Doing wash when you can is important - this is usually Bernie's job - even at home.
  • Having a sleep in when you can is okay.  You do not have to be on the go all the time.
  • Wine is very important each night!
So we are just half way to Cape Breton.  We are anticipating another three weeks till we arrive.

We are loving this journey and we have had wonderful memories created already!  More to come.

Thanks for following.

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