Saturday, April 14, 2018

So Very Busy - But New Life Soon

Ever since we formally announced we were retiring we have been so busy.  So many things to do.

The biggest thing is we have to get rid of all our possessions.  Most is gone already from when we downsized last year.  The rest is being sold and being picked up in the next few weeks.  The last of the items, including kitchen stuff, bed, linens etc are going to a new Canadian refugee family that is just starting out.

Our landlord has been given notice and they have decided to sell the condo.  I will share the link to the listing when it goes up.  

Also Bernie just had cataract surgery on his first eye with the second one to follow May 1st.  So he is not able to drive and he has a hard time with two different perspectives from each eye which is a bit of a pain but he is doing well and this is all normal.

We have to finalize our pensions, health visits, prescriptions, dental visit, insurance, car tune up, hair cuts, and so much more. 

We put in our paperwork with our employer and now the countdown has begun.

I am also having fun planning out what we want to see when we drive across the country. 

See the largest Goose in Canada (sure why not).  Then all the amazing Historic sites are on the list too.  

We will take our time driving and really enjoying our country along the way.

We are also heading out on a short 3 day re positioning cruise on the Ruby in a few days and will blog during that voyage. 

So stay tuned and sorry about not being able to write too much lately or post on the page but soon I will have all the time in the world.


  1. Congrats on the next chapter in your life! Retirement is the best! Enjoy!

  2. Beyond excited for you and Bernie! Retirement is great an I have a feeling yours will be awesome Vickie. Looking forward to hearing about all the future traveling, land and sea!

  3. Congratulations happy for you , and looking forward to all your new adventures

  4. So many sites to see on a cross Canada drive. I am sure you will have a long list but do see the Mint in Winnipeg as it is a fascinating place. I hear there are Pooh Bears around there too.

    1. Karen and Steve, yes we are excited about Winnipeg, have only driven thru it, never stayed. We plan on spending a few days there. Oh and Bernie is excited about the Mint. I am excited about the Human Rights Museum. Oh and I forgot about Winnie the Pooh.