Friday, April 27, 2018

Second Sea Day Evening

This is where we are moving! Ruby Princess has been there.

We start the evening with drinks in Explorers chatting with Ronnie.  But he can not chat much as he is so busy - which is a good thing.

We ordered drinks with our drink coupons.  For these short voyages they provide a drink voucher in your cabin in lieu of the Captain Circle Party.  They now have our name, cabin number on them, where before they were completely blank.  When we have had the drink package before we just gave our coupons away, guess we can not do that anymore.

Tonight we have dinner reservations at The Salty Dog and Ana from the cruise staff is going to join us.  We first met Ana on her first contract and we are so proud at how far she has come.  

I have a love hate relationship with Salty Dog.  

What I love is the food, the live music, the price - $12 and the casual pub like atmosphere.  Tonight Guitar Player and amazing singer Frostie.

My dislikes are the high tables and chairs, just not comfortable and service.  I think this is probably our 6th time at the Salty Dog and we have never had very good service.  I equate it to the servers that are just not waiters but are bar staff.  

Drinks take a very long to arrive and then we are never asked how the food is until they are clearing the plates.  I also notice tables being cleaned very unprofessionally and not even wiped down just the place mat being reset.  Little things that checking to see if you need anything shortly after you are served so they can add it.  

I will note all this in my survey and hope that it can improve.  It won't stop me from going back but it would cause me to go as often as I would if the service was better.

After dinner we wander around and have a Bugsey Martini in Crooners and really enjoy the music from Funch.  

We head to Crown Grill to say goodbye to Randy and then up to Share to say goodbye to Riza.  

We are back in the cabin at 11 pm and we head to sleep.  Back to reality tomorrow.

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