Friday, April 27, 2018

Disembarking the Ruby

Well like many last night I had a very hard time sleeping.

All of sudden I was awake at 3 am and I look outside and the moon is just stunning!  So that must of been the reason I was woken - to see the moon.

I try to sleep some more but really never got back to sleep.

The sail into Vancouver is probably one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.  I really will miss it when we leave.

Then the sailing under the Lion's Gate Bridge takes your breath away.

It is a beautiful day here in Vancouver, certainly nicer than San Pedro was.

We shower and pack up our bag and head out of the cabin around 7:45.  They had requested that you vacate by 8:15.

Breakfast is being served in the Horizon Court, Dining room and in the International Cafe.  We opt for the dining room since this will be the only time we get to eat here.

It was nice to sit and reflect on the voyage.

There was a large table behind us with people complaining about the disembarkation and that they should be able to get off whenever they want.  Well I did not say anything but I wanted to say "well that would be crazy trying to get 3,000 people off at any time they want".

After breakfast we take a seat in Vines and enjoy some quiet time.  I review the bill and take note on how much we actually spent on beverages that would of been covered by the drink package if we had it.

We spent $275 on wine, cocktails, sparkling water, and martinis - and one soda.  If we would of gotten the drink package it would of cost us $414.  Note we had coffee cards so that was covered with that.  So it was a good decision for us to not get the drink package.  We never felt like we were limiting ourselves, in fact maybe we should of though.  If we would of gotten the drink package I know we would of drank more and gotten our money's worth it but I am glad we did not.

Around 9:15 we start to make our way towards Club Fusion the Platinum Elite Lounge but as we got past Explorers the crew member there asked many of us if we were walk off.  Yes we were and they said we were clear to go off.

So we turned around and walked to the gangway.  

We walked off and right thru the port with a brief stop to hand over our customs form.  Wish Canada would also get rid of the custom form at the pier. We did not have to fill out the customs form when we flew into Canada in March.  Hopefully it will change soon for the pier.

We walked out to the street and caught transit to our car and we were on our way home.

It was a wonderful little get away.  We loved the break and loved seeing friends on board.  

We really loved our cabin too.  We had A202 which was very very quiet - the last passenger cabin on Aloha deck.  Still find balcony cabins noisier than inside but it sure was nice having the fresh air.  


  1. Just discovered your terrific blog. I'll be back! One comment about the Canada Customs form. With all the travelling you do, have you thought about the Nexus Card? Bypass the long wait at airport customs and no card to fill in. Costs $50 for five years. Good for outbound to U.S. and inbound to Canada from anywhere.

    John & Mary-Ann from Okotoks, AB

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Oh yes we have nexus have had it for 8 years now. Well worth getting