Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Morning in San Pedro Part II

When I left on yesterday I was just about to get a shower and head out.  Well as soon as I posted Bernie came out of the shower to annouce he just had a cool shower.  I then went in thinking how bad can it be.  Well I couldn't even get under the shower cause it was ice cold.

I call down to the front desk and find out that the hot water is turned off because of maintenance.  They are doing some renovations but they did not tell us our room was affected when we checked in.  They said they would turn it back on in about 15 minutes.  I know too that it then takes some time for the hot water to heat and make it up to our floor.  I told her we do not have the time to wait.

The manager called back to say they are so sorry and that they were putting enough points in my loyalty program to give me a free night.  I accepted and put on more deoderant!

I am happy at how the hotel dealt with the situation and would certainly come back.  However; I do feel they could of been proactive and informed us at check in or with a note under our door that the hot water would of been shut off at a certain time so we could of showered earlier.

We left the hotel and walked up to the corner to dine at a local diner called One Happy Diner.  Small, family owned type place where you can see the kitchen and the menu is full of options.  The place was busy and we were quickly sat in one of the last tables.  The food was good and plentiful. 

There is a new tea/coffee place right across the street from the hotel.  Again a small locally owned spot that has amazing teas.  I believe the name was Hojas.  Check out the key to the washroom.

We leave and it is 11:40 so we start to walk towards the peir. 

I definately needed a windbreaker today, it is a little cool, especially along the water.

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