Wednesday, April 25, 2018

First Evening On Board and Dinner at Share

Tonight we have dinner at Share in Riza's section. 

We dress and head up towards Explorer's Lounge to see Ronnie.  We have not seen him since the Royal two years ago where he was bartender in Vines. 

Ana from the Cruise Staff is leading a line dance class here and we first give her a big hug and promise we need to catch up some time tomorrow.  I did partake in her line dance class.  Not easy to do in high heels and a few drinks.  But it was fun.

It is great to see him and catch up and his wife stops by too.  Heck even the server comes over to say hi.  She remembers us from last summer and even comments we were the most travelled.  Wow I am surprised that she remembers us as we did not have a lot of interaction with her.  A few others spot us and come and say hi too.

That is my favorite thing on board.  Seeing crew we haven't seen and were not expecting to see and picking up right where we left off.

When we arrive at Share we are directed to a lovely table for two.  It is busy in here but most tables are winding down and within an hour there are only a handfull of tables and Riza has more time to chat.

I love this dining venue.  This is our sixth time here and again it does not disappoint. 

Lots of different courses.  The plates are not huge but with all the different courses you walk away very full. 

My favorite thing here is that the dishes are so unique with so many flavors.  The little touches like the coarse salt on the butter.  The buttermilk dressing on the salad.  The gnocchi with the beautiful color that comes thru when you stir the dish.  We loved everything but one dish and that was the mushroom ragout tartlet that was a bit too salty for our taste.

In all the meal took about three hours but we did drag it out with a lot of chatting with Riza.

We missed the Magic To Do show that was happening tonight and this saddeneds us but it was so much better to spend the time with Riza.

Back in the cabin there is a notice to remind Bernie of the Survey Group tomorrow at 3 pm.

Also there is a letter stating we are one of the most travelled and a complimentry dinner for two is available for us at either Salty Dog or Crown Grill.  We will try to make a reservation for Salty Dog one of the nights but we are down to two nights so who knows.

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