Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wednesday Evening

Tonight we have the Stammtisch table.  Stammtisch is a German term for regular’s table or communal table and is traditionally the focal point of entertainment, events and creating ambience within the bar environment.  It is held at the big table in Vines and on this cruise they are doing three different ones.  

Monica and Red

Tonight’s theme is New World Red Wines and Tapas.  The cost is $15 per person and well worth it.  

We are joined by another couple and the hosts tonight are Monica and Red (appropriate name). 

Oscar, Anthony and Red Goofing around

Our first wine is a Pinot Noir – Wild Horse from Wild Horse Valley in the US.  Second wine is a Merlot – Ancient Peaks from the Margarita Vineyard in the US.  Our last wine is Cabernet Sauvignon – Simi Landslide from the Alexander Valley also in the US. 

I can't resist - I will say Red made me do it
We all enjoy trying the wine with the different tapas, while Monica and Red explain the wines and how to pair them.  They are great hosts and make the environment relaxing and fun.  

What is great about the Stammtisch table over the normal wine tasting is that is much more casual.
Bernie and Red

Even Oscar the Sushi Chef (from Columbia) comes over and chats.  It feels like a gathering at a friend’s house not a wine tasting.  I love these events.  Thank you Monica and Red, Anthony and Oscar for a great night. 

Off to dinner and Mark and Lorelei welcome us again and we so happy to see them.  Tonight is the Chef’s Dinner and we aren’t really hungry after the tapas so I just order the fried chicken, also known as the KFC dinner.  Bernie orders the scallops and when it is brought to us Lorelei has made sure Bernie gets a double order! 

The dining room is quiet (it is 9:30) and Lorelei shows us the beautiful pictures of her boys and we are amazed at how big they are getting.  She only has ten more days till she sees them.

Beatrice (Assistant Waiter) comes up to say hi to us and we jump up to give her a big hug.  Ahhh I have missed her and we hope we can see her off in Ensenada at least.  She is from Huatulco Mexico and we love that area.  She too is going home soon.

So after a great wine tasting, great meal, more wine and great friends we are spent.  We wander around a bit but most things have started so we just stand at the back and watch. 

Tonight’s events:  Comedian Carl Banks, Dixieland Concert in Princess Theater, Country & Western Themed Trivia, Country & Western Night, Majority Rules Game Show and Karaoke and more.

Tomorrow is San Diego.

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