Friday, October 3, 2014


We again wake to the ship docking, but today it is Ensenada. 

I sip my latte in bed and Bernie heads up for some breakfast.  Our friend Beatte is coming ashore with us for a good Mexican meal. 

As soon as we exit the terminal there is a shuttle bus there that will transport you right downtown for a small fee.

Not sure exactly what the cost is but it is minimal.  It is walkable but Beatte doesn’t have much time off so we go with the shuttle.  It drops us off right in the heart of things.

We head to Guadalajara restaurant.  Beatte does the ordering and soon the food starts coming, and lots of it.  A cold drink is in order too – well we end up with three drinks each!  Here is a bit of video of the ambiance.

Oh my goodness the food is so good!  We are stuffed, and the entire meal came in at just under $60 for the three of us with three drinks each.  Wow what a deal. 

We are back out walking the Boulevard Costero and this time we head to a different bar for a margarita each. 

I love this place.  I know a lot of people don’t like to get off here but that is just too bad.  The people are so nice here, so very friendly and as we walk down the street and they try to get our business we are left laughing cause the person on the street will say and do anything to get us to stop and go in the store.   Usually a polite no gracias will do.

Bernie and I walk back towards the ship and we are back on board around 3 pm.  The walk back is quite easy but with the heat and the distance take that into consideration.  It is not an expensive taxi or shuttle ride back if either, but it is easy to walk.

For sail away I head up to get my snack.  This is something I like to do but this trip have not even done once.  You see at 3:30 to 5:30 one side of the Horizon Court serves afternoon snack.  It consists of sandwiches, some salad, afternoon tea stuff – scones and cream/jam, baked potato with all the fixings, usually something like wings and some sweets.  I love getting the potato and I add cheese, bacon bits, sour cream and sometimes even chili.
We sit out on the balcony and enjoy the food and a cold Coke from the mini bar.  Another beautiful sail away.

We are both feeling a little melancholy, I can’t believe the seven days are almost over.  Where did the time go?  I will have a hard time saying goodbye to so many and I don’t know when I will see them again, but I am thankful I got this time with them. 

Tonight we will head to dinner and then we will make the rounds to say goodbye.  Even though we will be sailing again in a few weeks it won’t be the same ship.

We are doing self disembarkation tomorrow.  We both only have one bag each and they are not heavy so we are scheduled to be off around 8 am.  We have  a return flight to Seattle out of Long Beach at 11:50 am.  Back to work Monday but the memories will last a long time.

Once I get settled at home I will put up pictures into the blog.  I also will be doing a podcast recapping the entire voyage so look for that.

Thanks for following.

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